At the Pond

Alexis Greene is a 15 year old girl excluded from the world and is always alone, other than her grandma, but will someone change that. Read to find out!


1. Alone



Lexi's P.O.V:

   Sometimes I just want to get away. In those time I just come outside to my secret pond. My pond is in the middle of the forest just behind the small house I live in with my grandma. I don't live with my parents but, I don't wanna talk about that. When I want to think I come out here. It's very peaceful, I sometimes get lonely but, I like to be alone. I don;t have any friends because my grandma excluded me from everyone else.She didn't want me to get hurt.

   I'm home schooled and have been all my life. The only person I really interact with is my grandma. I'm fifteen years old and I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I consider myself tall but, I've never really been around many people to compare, just my grandma and she's shorter than me.


  "Alexis, where are you?" I hear my grandma say in the distance, "It's lunch time."

   'I'm coming!" I yell as I hop up off the ground where I was sitting. I started back through the woods up to the house. When I get there my grandma is sitting at the patio table. I go sit down. She has a sandwich sitting on the table in front of my seat. "Thank You," I say Quietly as I take a sip of my lemonade. 

   "Oh why your welcome, Sweetheart," my grandma said, "I was going into town today and go to the store, do you need anything?"

  "No. grandma I think I'm good," I reply.  

"Alright I'll be off then, I will see you later, oh and can you clear the table, thanks sweetie

  " No problem," I say as she left me there to finish eating. When I was done I got the dishes and took them inside and washed them. I decide to go back to the pond to relax and think. I get to the pond and lie down beside it and soon I fall asleep.


A/N: This is my first movella so I hope you enjoy it and thanks for for reading!

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