Aruna Marie Was Abused. She Was Bullied. But When Her Idol, Niall Horan, Waltzes Into Her Life, Everything Changes. She Gets The Chance Of A Lifetime. If Only she Could Let Go...


1. Escape

ARUNA'S Youre such a little slut!" My Adopted father screamed at me as he threw his glass beer bottle at my head. Fortunately, it flew past my head and shattered on the wall behind me. "Pick it up!" He hissed as he stormed out of the cold winter air. making the doors shake as he went inside.. I quickly crawled over to the broken glass and picked up all of the small peices being careful not to cut myself. SHE came out from behind me. "I see the little slut broke another glass, Mike." she said to my "father." You're such a whore. Im surprised you're still a virgin." She hissed. "Its better than not fucking every single guy I see, Like You." I replied coldly. 3...2..1.. I was counting down the seconds Until i got another blow to the face. which didnt happen. she waltzed back inside. I was sick of my so called,"Family." It wasn't a family. I watched as she walked inside, locking the door, Leaving me out the cold. I was going to die here, if i didn't escape. I buttoned my jacket, thank god I still had my phone. I unlocked my old flip phone, dialling my brothers number, I hated him. But I was desperate. "Liam? i need your help." Liam Sighed. Liam was my real brother. He moved away to be on some singing show. Its not like I missed him. I hated him for leaving me like that.. "What Ar?" He said. "It Happened Again." I replied. "Where Are You At? Im Picking You Up." He said. "Im At the Corner Of Torious St." I Said. "Do You Have Clothes?" He Asked. "No. Not Other than What Im Wearing Now." Said. " What Are You Wearing?" He Asked. " A Shirt, And A Pair of Skinny Jeans." I Said. " Okay.. I'll Be There As Soon As Possible."He Said. I Hung Up. What Was My Life Going To Be Like, Living With My Brother?

A Few Minutes Later, Liam Pulled Up.

"LIAM!" I Ran Over And Hugged Him.

"Hey Sis.." Liam Smiled.

"Can We Go Now? Im Cold." I Said, Shivering.

"Rushing Me, Aruna Payne?" He Said, Opening The Car Door.

"The Boys Are Coming Over Tonight. Ill Try To find you some other clothes." He Said.

"Thanks" I Said.

I Pulled Out My Phone, And Played My Favorite Song..

White Lips.

Pale Face.

Breathing In Snowflakes.

Burnt Lungs,

Sour Taste.

Lights Gone,

Days End,

Struggling to pay rent,

Long Nights,

Strange Men.

And They Say, She's In The Class A Team,

Stuck In Her Day Dream, Been This Way Since Eighteen,

But Lately, Her face Seems,

Slow Sinking Wasting, Crumbling Like pastries,

And The Worst Things In Life Come Free To Us,

Cause We're Just Under The Upper Hand.

Gold Mine For A Couple Grams,

And She Dont Wanna Go Outside,

Tonight, In Her Pipe She Fly's To The Motherland, Sells Love--

Liam Tapped Me On The Shoulder. I Must Have Fallen Asleep, Because I Was Now Listening To Justin Bieber.

"We're Home, Ar." He Said.

"Oh." I Said.

He Opened The Door And Helped Me Up. After We Were Inside, He Showed Me My Room.

" This Is Your Room." He Said.

"Its HUGE..." I Said. The Room had One Direction Posters.. Everywhere.

"Is Someone A Fan Of Themselves?" I Said Laughing.

"I'm Just Proud." He Said, Smiling.

He Tossed Me Some Clothes And Left The Room.

I Changed Into The Clothes, And Layed Down For A Nap...

I Woke Up To Voices..

"GOD DAMN LOU." A Voice Said.

"FO GET CHU ZAYN." a Voice Said.

I Sat Up And Rubbed My Eyes. After Deciding If I Should Say Here Or Not, I Got Up And Brushed My Hair And Then Headed down stairs. I Walked Down Stairs To A Room Filled With Boys.

"Liam?" I Whispered Loudly.

"Oh, Hi Ar. These Are The Boys, Boys, This Is Aruna."

I  Was Surrounded By 'Hi's' Then, A Brown Headed Boy Hugged Me..


I Guess I Looked Startled, Because A Blonde Boy With An Irish Accent Warned 'Lou.' "Lou, You're Scaring Her."

Lou Smiled, " Sorry Hun."

Liam Hugged Me. I Felt My Ribs Tense Up. I Probably Looked Horrid With All The Bruses On My Arm. " How Are You Feeling?"

"Ow." I Said.

"SORRY! I forgot About, Err.. Your Issue." He Said.

"Its alright Li." I Said Blushing, " Nice To Meet You All, Im Ar." I Said, Trying To Be As Friendly As Possible.

"Ello Love, Im-" Lou Began.

"Lou." I interrupted.

"Correct." Lou Replied.

"Hi. Im Niall." The Blonde Boy Said, Flashing Me A Smile.

"Zayn's The Name." Said A Black haired Boy, Zayn.

"That's An Amazing Name." I Said.

He Flashed Me A Smile.

"And I'm Your Future Boyfriend." A Curly Brown Haired Boy Said.

" I'll Just Call You Stupid." I Said, Laughing.

"The Name Is Styles, Harry Styles." Harry Said.

I Still Like Stupid, But I Didnt Say That.

"How About A Movie, Everyone?" Liam Asked.

We All Agreed On Ted. A Very Sexual Movie....

Half Way Through The Movie I Checked The Time On My Watch, 11:57.

I Cuddled Closer To Liam. He Wrapped His Arm Around Me. I Drifted Into A Peaceful Sleep, At My New Home.



Aruna. What  A Beautiful Name. For A Beautiful Girl. I Had Just Met Her And I Was Thinking About Her. It Was Something About Her Long Brown Hair, And Her Bright Green Eyes, Pulling You In. But Wouldn't Liam be Pissed If I Dated His Sister? I Don't Know. Its Not Like She Even Likes Me... I Ran My Fingers Through My Hair. This Girl Has Got me Bad.

"Nialler?" Lou Said. It Was Just About 4 A.M.

"Yes Lou?" I Said.

"Will You Sleep With Me? Im Having Nightmare's.." Lou Said.

" Sure Lou. On One Condition." I Said.

"Hmm?" Lou Said.

"I GET TOP BUNK!"  I Said A Little To Loudly, Because next Thing I Knewm Aruna Was At My Door.

"Is Everything Okay Lou?" She Asked Quietly.

"Mhhm. Thanks Babe." Lou Replied.




"Aruna, Would You Like To Sleep In Here With Us?" Lou Asked.

"Sure, Ive Been Having Nightmare's Ever Since.. a  incident." Aruna Said.

"You'll Have To Bunk With Either Me, Or Nialler." Lou said.

"Oh I Um.. I Dont Really Know." She Said, Blushing.

"I Snore." Lou Said.

"Scoot Over Niall." Aruna Said, Giggling.

" Erm.. I Forgot To Change Into My Pj's... Be Right Back." She Said In Her Innocent British accent. She Walked Out  Of The Room.

"Lou, You Don't Snore." I Questioned.

"But You SOOO Like Her, You've Been Eying Her All Night." Lou Replied.

I Could Feel Myself Blush. Did I Like My Best Mate's Little Sister? I Don't Really Know.

I Was About To Reply, When Aruna Walked In, She Must Have Borrowed Liam's Girlfriends Clothes, Because She Was now In A Pair Of Short Shorts, And A tank Top, The Back of Her Shorts Saying Dani #3.

 I Lifted Up The Covers, And  She Slipped Underneath. God This Must Be Awkward. She Fell Into A Deep Sleep. She Looked Cute When She Slept, No Doubt. Just God, I Don't Like My Best mate's Sister.  I Told My Self Repeatedly. Its no Use. I Like Her.





Lol  Nawh. Hai. This Is Da First Chapter. Of Like, Many. Hoped You Guys Like, As If Anyone is Reading...



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