You're Famous, I'm Not *Complete*

Amber and Emily's famliy's decided to go on a trip to London. In February, the week of and after Valentine's Day. If being in an amazing city is enough. The run into 2/5 of the world's biggest boy band.
*Just to make it clear, I (Directioner4Life<3) write most, if not all of the chapters. My co-writers are there for help. If I don't update everyday, don't worry. Sorry for this little rant.*


1. Prologue

If we wouldn't have gone to London, I wouldn't be in the mess I'm in right now. And neither would my friend, Emily. Let me set it up for you. Emily and I's family's thought it would be a good idea to go to London together. We'd miss some school, but that's what phones and computers are here for. We told each other we would not fall behind. That is one promise we kept. Anyways, not only were we going to London, but we were going the week of and after Valentine's Day. Now, neither Emily nor I had a boyfriend, so that was fine. Still, there are hot guys in London, and we had to promise to look out for each other. Another promise we kept. That one day, though. Oh, how it changed both our lives forever. We meet two boys. They were 2/5 of the biggest boy band in the world. They treated us so good. But they're famous, and we're not. Fame is something Emily and I didn't want. Yet, some things you can't be avoid. And another promise was made. To not let the fame to get to us, and if we see the other slipping. We have to help them. It's getting harder and harder. I can see Emily slipping. There's nothing we can do. Our family's are overwhelmed as well. My life, and my friends, has been flipped upside down by two boys. It just doesn't seem real somedays. The reporters don't care about your feelings. And because of all this mess, we think it's best to move to London. Yes, I know. Leave our friends and famliy. Well, it's the only thing we can do. We've tried everything. Our home town is overrun with paparazzi. I need the comfort of the boy who made this happen. He's the only one that can help. So, now you now a little bit of how my life is now messed up. Right now I'm on a plane going to London. Private, of course.

But, let me tell you the story of how all this happened. In depth. It's the story of how my life got ruined.     

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