I Love You (1Shot41D)

Harry Styles one shot written for the 1Shot41D Competition.
"Good morning, beautiful.
I know you said you didn't want to do anything, so this is the only way I could think of to make this a truly special day. Just go with it.
Now, your next clue is inside the only place where Saturday comes before Thursday.
I love you.
- Harry."


1. I Love You


I Love You

Jess woke to the faint knocking on her front door, reaching out with her eyes still closed to touch the empty space on the other side of the bed. The sheets were cold and she frowned slightly, wondering where on earth her boyfriend could be this early in the morning. She glanced at the corkboard by their bathroom door, not seeing any reminders for commitments today. Hadn’t he promised they’d spend it together?

Sighing, she slipped her legs out of the warm bed and shivered as her bare soles hit the wooden floor. The knocking on the front door came again and Jess grabbed a jumper, pulling it over her head and down to her knees as she approached. One hand rested on the handle and the other turned the lock; she pulled the door open to find nothing. Her frown deepened, displeased at the practical joke, and stepped outside to see a familiar curly head disappear around the corner. She took another step and nearly tripped over a long black box; curious, and now smiling, she picked it up and retreated inside.

The box was decorated with a red satin ribbon and her first initial in gold inlay; she slipped the lid off to see the most exquisite budding red rose she’d ever seen. It took her breath away as she lifted it out, careful to avoid the thorns, and lifted it to her nose. It was as sweet as fresh honey, as soft as the finest sand, and her eyes fluttered closed as her smile grew. A card lay under the flower, and she reluctantly set the precious thing down to read it.

Good morning, beautiful.

I know you said you didn’t want to do anything, so this is the only way I could think of to make this a truly special day. Just go with it.

Now, your next clue is inside the only place where Saturday comes before Thursday.

I love you.

-       Harry

“Oh, Harry,” Jess whispered, truly touched. She had never been one for making a big deal out of Valentine’s Day, but trust Harry to change her mind. She set the card down and picked up the rose once more, puzzling the riddle over in her mind as she hunted for a vase, showered, and dressed for a day running around London. Knowing Harry, it wouldn’t be a simple hunt.

In jeans and her favourite Ramones shirt and a leather jacket she’d stolen off him months ago, she returned to the dining room and gingerly touched the rose’s petals. “Where Saturday comes before Thursday…” she said aloud, spinning in place until her eyes came to rest on the bookshelf. Something was wrong; something was missing. Jess approached carefully, brow furrowed and lips curved into a delighted smile. She stopped by the coffee table, spotting the dictionary sitting innocently on top of the TV guide. “Saturday before Thursday… oh!”

Sitting down swiftly, she flipped the dictionary open and found an envelope sitting on the same page as the word ‘Love’. He could be so cheesy sometimes… but it was a sweet kind of cheesy, the kind that still gave her butterflies even after three years of dating him. The things that boy did to her heart shouldn’t be legal. Jess opened the envelope carefully, finding a fridge magnet letter ‘M’ and a folded note.

I knew you’d figure it out.

Your next clue is waiting for you in the place we met.

I love you.

-       Harry

She giggled as she grabbed her bag and keys, storing the note and the letter away for later use. She ran down the stairs, needing to expel some nervous adrenaline, and burst out into the courtyard of their flat complex. She was heading for the parking garage, and to the space that held her car. She recalled the day she met Harry Styles like it was yesterday; Jess had been coming home after a long day’s work, had parked and stepped out into the chest of a burly security guard. As he demanded to know her name and see her ID, Harry had swept in to rescue her and she’d nearly died to know that her new neighbour was a superstar.

Jess found her car and sure enough, under the windscreen wiper was another folded note inside a ziplock sandwich bag. There was another letter, too, ‘Y’ this time. She carefully put it away as she unfolded the note, biting her lip to stop herself giggling aloud with the excitement. She was already quite giddy from all this, falling more and more in love with him every step she took.

You’re still with me- I’m impressed.


Your next clue is under our table at Tim Horton’s.

I love you.

-       Harry

She raced off, laughing, walking as fast as she could to the Tim Horton’s three streets over. Their table was clear, of course, and as Jess approached it she found a little yellow ‘R’ sitting on top of what was obviously her next clue. She picked it up and a few pound notes tumbled out onto the table; seconds later, a waitress arrived and smiled as she slid a cup of tea onto the table. “You’re very lucky,” the girl, who didn’t look over seventeen, said seriously.

Sipping the tea, Jess nodded. “Incredibly so,” she agreed, fingertips running over the writing. The waitress left and Jess didn’t even catch her name. Harry occupied every spare inch of her brain that wasn’t dedicated to breathing and staying alive.

I remember our first date here. You wore a skirt and heels and nearly broke your ankle stumbling in. You said your sister helped you dress… I was relieved. I had been so hoping you weren’t one of those girls who suffered to look pretty. You don’t need to suffer for anything; I’ve never seen anything as beautiful as you, first thing in the morning, no make-up, in my shirt.

We had tea. You called me an idiot for having too much sugar, and laughed when I asked if you thought I was sweet enough without it. Your laugh is contagious; your eyes sparkle, did you know that? That was the best first date of my life and I still remember how much I wanted to kiss you at the end of it. I still remember how I felt that night, and the nights after, going out of my mind wondering whether you liked me back.

You knocked me out, Jess. I’ve never fallen so hard for anyone in my life.

I love you.

-       Harry

P.S. Your next clue is where I finally manned up and kissed you.

Jess drank her tea slowly, savouring the experience. With the tea gone, she was off to the nightclub called Dive, which despite the name was a rather upper-class establishment. Harry had talked her into joining him and their dancing had been electrifying. When he kissed her in the middle of the dance floor, she had felt fireworks and the world faded away around her. Isn’t that what first kisses should be?

After Dive, was the studio where they shot ‘Little Things’, then on a wild, random ride through London to every single place Harry had ever taken her on a date. The staff were all in on it because they were always the ones holding the clues and the letters, smiling when Jess could barely breathe as each letter entered her possession. The clues often contained a long note from Harry, as he described his memories of each place and date; her heart felt so full of love that she thought she might burst.

As she left the last establishment, she hailed a taxi to head back towards home again. The last clue lead her to Hyde Park, and it was about a twenty minute journey by taxi to get there. As she sat in the back seat, she spread the letters out over the leather and started rearranging them. She’d been keeping track in the back of her mind and had some idea of what they were going to end up spelling.


Her heart leapt to her mouth and she had to remind herself to breathe. Maybe it was a mistake. There were plenty of other things those letters could spell, surely. Quickly, Jess scooped them back up into the ziplock bag just in time for the cab to come to a stop. She paid the man and gave him a smile as she started walking into the park, shivering a little. It had taken her all day to get here and the sun was setting, taking whatever warmth it once had with it. February was holding on to the chill of winter very determinedly.

“Jess!” a familiar voice called. She saw him as he stood up from the picnic bench they frequented on his days off; his arm waved in the air and she changed her course to make a beeline for him. The world blurred around her and she felt like she was a walking cliché, so absorbed in everything Harry that a bomb could drop on her head and she’d hardly notice.

Ed Sheeran’s Kiss Me was playing from his iPod on the picnic table, her favourite song providing the perfect soundtrack to the perfect ending to the perfect day. Harry stood as she approached, arms open wide for a hug. She bypassed that completely and yanked him down to kiss him, hands tangling in his hair to keep him close. She blushed as they pulled apart, not used to being the one who took control like that- especially not in public- but by the dazed look on Harry’s face he didn’t mind one bit.

“Good day then?” he asked cheekily, pulling her in again to wrap his arms around her shoulders. She hadn’t thought to up anything warmer than leather and besides, she loved being held by Harry, his head resting on her shoulder and his front pressed up against her back. His curls tickled her chin and she twitched her nose to soothe the itch, smiling impossibly wide.

“The best,” she replied quietly, rocking with him in an impromptu little dance around the wooden picnic table. She saw his bodyguard a few yards away and waved in greeting; the burly man, the one she still credited with introducing her to Harry, waved back and she thought she saw a smile, but couldn’t be sure. Might’ve been a trick of the light.

“Did you get the letters?” Harry asked, lips against her shoulder. She tilted her head back, watching the brilliantly coloured sky float above her. His hands splayed over her stomach as they swayed side to side. She nodded and broke reluctantly out of his embrace to spread them out on the table. She’d worked on them in the taxi on the way over, and thought she knew what they said; Harry’s arms and warmth returned to encase her. “Put them together,” he whispered, watching.

“You’ve gone to so much trouble,” she whispered back, the words taking shape before her.

“There’s only one letter missing,” he said over her shoulder as she tried to arrange them in order. She had a tiny idea of what they said, but didn’t want to get her hopes up. Harry kissed the side of her neck and she shivered at his touch; he could still make her weak at the knees. She prayed he would always be able to- she adored the feeling of being in his arms.

She went with her first instinct, frowning as she found he was indeed correct. WILL-YO-MARRY-ME. “Harry?” she asked. His hand appeared to place the final letter, ‘U’, in it’s proper place. He managed to land a chaste peck on the side of her mouth as she grinned, tears welling in her eyes and her heart beating out of its’ chest.

“I had to keep you with me somehow,” he said cheekily, winking when she rolled her eyes, laughing at the absolute cheesiness of that pun. She turned around fully as his arms slipped from around her, leaving her abruptly cold, and found him on one knee with a blue velvet box in his right palm. His eyes shone up at her, the streetlights reflecting off the green and taking her breath away. Everything about this man, was everything she loved… “I love you, every breath, every moment, and I want to make that last for the rest of my life. The thought of being without you kills me, and the slightest mention of your name can make me weak. I would say I’d die for you, but I would never, ever leave you if I could help it… and this is not how I rehearsed this but… my darling, Jessica Rose Harper, love of my life… will you marry me?”

“Of course,” she breathed as he stood up, sighing in relief, and his shaking fingers tried to open the ring box. Somehow, they’d both forgotten about it and started laughing as she helped him conquer it, his forehead against hers and their eyes locked as he slid the ring on her finger. “You wonderful, perfect, gorgeous man… a million times-”

She never managed to finish that sentence, Harry’s lips crushing over hers as he pulled her impossibly close. The kiss was feverish, pure lust and desire that slowly faded into simmering passion, neither seeming to care that people were starting to stare. She stumbled, her senses overwhelmed by Harry, and his strong arms wrapped around her waist to pick her up and spin her around, only breaking the kiss when she shrieked in delighted, giddy euphoria.

Harry looked up at the bodyguard, who had politely given them a few yards space. “She said yes!”

The applause this statement received far outweighed any applause any crowd had ever given him.

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