The Tale of Grace Hope

I'm a geek. Yes, I enjoy learning. That makes me unpopular and a loner. I don't really mind them teasing me. I want a positive future, although I wish for one friend. Just one.


1. Chapter 1

I sat up in my seat, enticed by The Crimean War. I thought that it was so amazing that Florence Nightingale went to all lengths to help those soldiers. 

'The Crimean War was fought between the Russians and an alliance of the British, French and Turks, who feared a Russian expansion in the Balkans.' Mr Parker explained, moving to the next slide. I sat even further up in my seat. The rest of the class was slumped down, yawning, wishing for the lesson to be over. History was everyone's least favourite lesson, although I loved it. I guess I loved every lesson, especially maths. That's what made me a geek, and therefore a loner. 

I felt a bit of scrunched up paper hit me on my back. I knew who it was, without turning around. It was Kyle, the cool kid, the popular one. I heard a few muffled giggles from behind me. Another bit of paper hit me on my back. I turned around. 

"Leave me alone, Kyle" I said, looking at him. 

"You are already alone, you loner" replied Kyle, smirking. There were more muffled giggles. 

"And you lot can shut up too!" I yelled at the rest of the giggling class. This set off even more giggles. 

"Settle down, class" murmured Mr Parker, without turning around. Some of the class stuffed paper in their mouths to stop laughing. I rolled my eyes and turned around. I wish I had a friend. Just one maybe. 

At the end of the history class, it was break. Everyone rushed out of the door, wanting to grab the best cakes from the cafe. I was the last one out, as usual, carefully packing my exercise and text books into my navy rucksack. I slung the rucksack onto by back and plodded outside. The cold air hit me like a bullet. I wish I had been sensible enough to put my jumper on. As I walked to the cafe, I noticed that everyone was laughing with their friends. Oh, how I wished I had a friend. But I didn't get that privilege. Nobody wanted to be seen with the geeky girl. 

I suddenly felt someone push by back hard, and I fell into the sticky mud. I grazed my knee on the concrete and it hurt, a lot, but there was no way that I was going to cry. I looked up and saw Kyle and his little band of followers. They were all smirking.

"Loner" stifled Kyle as they walked away, laughing their heads off. I sat down on the concrete, tears trickling down my cheeks. I felt a gentle hand help me up. I stood up and saw Alice. She had helped me up.

"Are you ok, Grace?" she asked me, looking genuinely concerned. I stared at her. Nobody at school had ever asked me that. 

"Yes" I replied shakily. I looked into her deep green eyes and thought, maybe, just maybe, I had found a friend. 

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