just believe

"I guess that love and luck is out there you just have to believe" that was he tell and I was falling for a boy that I just met well in person .


1. contest

it was another boring day I have to do the usual get up go to college and then go and help my dad at his job and then go home listen to music check facebook and tweeter and other stuff and then go to sleep that is my life every single day. 

hello my name is Bella well Isabella but everybody call me bella im 18 I'm in college for medical assistance my goal is to be a pediatrician. I live with my parents in orlando fl the most boring place ever im really tired of here if it was for me I would move to another country or to another state

like I say earlier today was just another boring day I wake up at 7:00 and go to college then get out at 1:00 and then go to my parents business and help them. when it was time to go home I put the english station and hear the contest.

it was a contest to go to Dublin Ireland and manchester England to meet Justin Bieber I wasn't the biggest fan but come on if I win they gonna take me to Ireland and England  but I knew that even if I try I would not win it I never have luck for things like this .

weeks passed and I been doing everything to win the contest in two days there gonna say who was the winner i was getting really exited . like I said before I wasn't a big fan so I decide to go and look for his music i end up liking a lot of his song for the last album "believe". 

that word make me think of all the things I din't believe like love,luck,friendship,boys . I guess I dont believe in a lot stuff and I wouldn't believe in them for a really long time .I grow up with out believing so I shouldn't change it now .  



well this is my first time writing something hope you guys like it .... and no this story is not about justin bieber  he has a role on it but its not about him ....... and now i can say that i'm starting to like this kid and his music.

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