Allae 19 loves one direction but what happens when she gets trampled on by one directioners at their consert. Will Harry Styles fall for her? Will it be love at first sight?

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Co author Kik me: erinawesomehaha


1. Allae

~allae POV~

hi my name is allae, its spelt quite weird but you actually say it like ally. anyway i am 19 and in uni, i love one direction and i am going to their consert tonight with my friend emili we got floor tickets and can not wait.

~emili POV~

hi i am emili and i am 16 and am a student at kindle high i hate it there i have no friends and always get bullied but at least i have one direction posters all over my room so when i walk in i feel protection and loved. i love how zayn malik is a bad boy its to bad he is going out with perri but i like them as a couple. i cant wait for tonight because i get to see my best friend who i havnt seen in weeks plus see one direction live!

~harry styles POV~

i am so nurvous for tonight i always get scared if a girls is going to throw a bra at me again or my band mates are going to do something stupid to me during my what makes you beautiful solo but what if a girl flashes, i hate that the most!

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