lost in the momment with you -a one direction fanfic-

Belle lives with her friends Brenna and Amanda and Belle runs into her bestfriend she havnt seen in 2 years will Belle and her longtime bestfriend become more than friends oh yah her friend is Liam Payne


1. please dont go

belles pov : liam you must go , but belle im not going to leave you here all alone he said trust me liam ill be fine i promise okay i said back tears were formingin in my eyes a couple fell down my face liam wiped them with his thumb i bought you somthing he said liam held it up the most beautiful neckalace i have ever seen it had hearts crossing over eachother he put the necklace around my neck i wrapped my arms around him please dont foret about me liam i said belle i will never forget how beautiful you are , and how the sunlight hits your eyes and make them sparkle and the way you always laugh at my cheesy jokes i will never forget you ill be coming back for you (haha get it "ill be coming back for you " its a one direction song haha ) *that night *  i kept having flashbacks of me and liam doing stuff together we known eachother since birth i just hope ill get to see him again

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