My Lovely

Nova and her best friend India have always had one dream they shared, dancing for anyone famous. So when India got offered a dancing career with the band One Direction, Nova can't help but be a little disappointed. But when romance and drama sparks up and comes between everything, Nova is forced to make a decision, one that she just can't win.


1. I failed

"Nova! Nova! I did it! I got us an audition for...Guess what super famous group!" My best friend India exclaimed. I chuckled about how enthusiastic she was. 
"ONE DIRECTION!" She screamed with excitement. I gasped, 
"No way."
"Yes way."
"There's no way."
"Really? Because here are the audition slips!" She handed me mine. I screamed because they were, in fact, legit. "How did you get these?" I asked, gawking at the slip. India and myself had had always one dream, to be professional dancers. I loved dancing with all my heart and India felt the same. We had shared this dream for over ten years. 
We were at my house, she was spending the night, and I couldn't think of a better way to start off a sleepover. My eyes were plastered on the little piece of paper in my hands that could make all our dreams come true.  
"It's a long story, but we got them Nova, we are finally going to have our big break." India explained. 
I felt like crying with joy. "So, when is it?" I asked. 
"In three weeks. So we don't have a lot of time. Oh, and they said no groups. I know, I felt horrible, we can't perform together. But then I thought, we are both going to get in anyway so it's pretty much the same thing!"
"Well, that's to bad. But yeah, we will both get in. You and me girl, we'll make it to the top." I gave her a quick hug and we headed up to my room
Four Weeks Later
I held it in my hands, the results to the audition. I couldn't breathe. I had tried my hardest at the audition, given it my all. What if it was all for nothing? I told India I would wait for her to open my letter, but I couldn't wait. My future was in my hands and I couldn't not look at it. I teared it open and gazed hungrily at the small imprinted words on the paper. The first sentence was 'Dear Nova Links, we are sorry to inform you...' and that's all I ever read. I stared at the paper, my mouth was slightly open. With my eyes watering, I through the letter on the ground and dialed India's number on my phone. She picked up after a few rings.
"Nova! I'm so sorry but I had to open my letter and guess what! I got in! I can't believe it, we are going to be dancers for One Direction. ONE DIRECTION. It still hasn't sunk in yet. It's unbelievable I just can't-"
"India...I didn't get in. I failed." I said quietly. She stopped chattering on. 
"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry Nova, I had no idea, I thought for sure you would get in."
"It's okay, really. Well, I have to got eat dinner. I'll see you tomorrow." I said and hung up the phone. I had my hopes up, I should have never done that. I should have never thought that I could make it in the big business. I had failed, I sat on my bed and cried.  

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