This is my valentine 1D one shot for a competiton


1. Happy Valentines Darling!

It's valentines day soon and Harry had something special planned for a certain someone. Harry was going to surprise his beloved Jennifer with the perfect day. He had the boys helping him out, of course Zayn, Louis and Liam were also quite busy but they played their part.

A beautiful morning to start of February 14th, the sun was peeking over the hills and dew was freshly set on the grass and the birds sung the joyous songs of any spring morning. Harry awoke and acted as if there was nothing special on. "Morning!" Jennifer beamed as Harry emerged into the kitchen. "You seem happy?" He smiled before welcoming Jennifer with a hug. Jennifer stared confused at him before carrying on. Jennifer was making Harry a special breakfast. She made him eggs, sausages, hash browns, bacon, tomatoes and mushrooms. Once the plate was cleared Harry stood up from the table "Thank you dearest!" He said politely before excusing himself upstairs. He gave Niall the thumbs up and it was good to go.

Jennifer noticed that Harry had forgotten something and seem agitated and annoyed about it. She obviously didn't want to bring it up, she just figured that he ought to remember at some point. Niall soon came in the door. "Hey Jen, wanna come to the cafe?" He asked casually. "Um...Okay?" Jennifer replied slightly confused. Jennifer did feel sorry for Niall as he is the only one with out a girlfriend, so how could she refuse?

Niall took Jen to a lovely cafe, near the park, in which they had coffee and cake. "Be right back!" Jennifer smiled before leaving but when she got back Niall was gone. Left on the table was a rose and a not. The note read you

 'Hey, sorry to leave you on your own. I promise you won't regret it! Just go to the place where we first met! -H'

Jennifer was baffled by the letter at first. She thought it was most likely from Harry so she went to the place she and Harry first met which was outside her old school. She confidently strode towards her old Junior school and there on the black metal  gate was another note.

'Turn Around! -H'

With the note still in hand she turned around to see Louis and El with their car. "Hop in!" Louis smiled before Jennifer could speak. She jumped in and away Louis drove. After he did drive to the mysterious destination he handed Jen a rose and note. The note read:

'Sorry if these are annoying you now but I promise it IS worth it! Just a few more notes to go! Please take 3 steps forward! -H'

Jennifer took 3 small, scared, steps forward before she felt two men hook their arms around her. She looked up to see it was only Zayn and Liam. The two boys lead Jennifer in before seating her at a table where a bunch of roses lay and a letter

Dear Jennifer, You mean so much to me and I can never put it into words, your just my everything! It may bore you with all this lovey mushy stuff but it's true! I love you so much and I never will stop so to prove that I will......look up -H'

Jennifer looked up slowly only to find Harry on one knee in front of Jennifer. "Jennifer..!" Harry started before opening the box to un-veal a crystal ring shining brightly. Before Harry could continue Jennifer was shrieking 'yes' and jumped into his arms. "I love you so much!" Harry smiled. "I love you too!" Jennifer replied before ending that magnificent evening with a kiss.  


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