Your Eyes- Irresistable

When Zayn Malik finds the girl for him, he has to disguise himself so she doesnt get crazy that he's himself. Then, when he finally gets her, something happens.


1. Meeting Lilly

Zayn's p.o.v.


"You need a girlfriend. And you need one soon." Harry said tugging at my shirt. I thought about it. I didnt need one. I had the guys.

"I have you guys Im good." I said sitting deep in my seat.

"Well dont you wanna get married one day." Louis said laughing.

"Yeah.. but not yet." I said walking to the bathroom. I scrubbed my face with soap and then I redid my hair. I shaved my face again and then I walked out, to see Louis tapping his foot.

"Well.......... I really dont know how to find the right girl." I said. The only girls that wouldnt say no were fans.

"Well.... theres more than a million girls out there who'd like you." Louis said smiling.

"NO WAY IN HELL AM I DATING A FAN!" I said stomping to my room. Louis came in and jumped on me.

"Then tomorrow we will make you a disguise and you will find the one." He said walking away.

I thought about it over and over, I really needed a girlfriend and wanted one too. It was 9 pm so I went to bed and the next day woke up.

"ZAYN TIME TO GO!" Louis said grabbing me and we left to the park. When we got there, everyone looked but no one suspected anything. I found a girl with medium, wavy brown hair with hazel eyes. I went up to her.

"Hi, Im .. Austin." I said smiling at her. She looked at me and smiled back.

"Im Lilly." She said. It was love.
"want to walk with me?" I asked. She nodded and we went around the park talking and talking. Then I asked her the question only 5 guys worry about.

"So.. do you like one direction?" I asked nicely.

"Well I do....but I feel bad for them that they get trampled everywhere." She laughed.

"Yeah.. me too." I said and for the rest of the day we were talking and running and doing whatever we wanted.  I really liked her, but even though she thought 1Direction was good, and cared for them, I had to be Austin for now.

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