Jump Into Love - 1SHOT41D

Nicolette Saunders is 15.
Her best mate, Tilly Jules is moving to London. And, as a treat, Nicolette is allowed to stay with her for a week.
During this week, exciting and sureal happenings take place.
Meeting One Direction was a dream, but will falling in love Niall Horan stay a dream, or will it become reality.

Short Story for the 1SHOT41D Competition.


1. Intro.

Tilly bounded into the classroom. She grinned at me, revealing a pair of blue braces.

"Got them changed again! Now we have the same colours!"

I smiled at her with weak enthusiasm, but I couldn't help letting my face fall. This was going to be the last time I'd see Tilly at this school. Then I'd go back to being the girl everybody wanted to bully because she had no friends. The girl that couldn't fit in. The girl...

Tilly inturupted my thoughts.

"I know I won't be here" she spoke sweetly, "but you can call me and you can visit anytime you want. I promise, I'll send you train tickets every month, okay?"

I smiled willngly.

" I know. But I can pay for them myself. Maybe Birthday Tickets'll be alright".

Tilly laughed gingerly.

"I'm going to miss your astoundingly rubbish humor. But sometimes, you are genually funny."

I smiled a large smile at her, showing off my own blue braces.

"Brace Buddies" I muttered, but held the smile in place.

"Yeah, Brace Buddies" she repeated, and pulled her bag onto her lap.

Miss Ryehouse entered the classroom, and dumped her laptop bag on her desk. She them shuffled a few papers, grabbed a pen, and began to write something on the whiteboard.

Tilly pulled out her planner, and and slid a piece of paper that stuck freely out of it. She passed it over to me without looking up, and continued to flick through her planner.

I took the paper and unfolded it, revealing a note in Tilly's typewriter style writing.

Nicole, your coming to London with me.

I didn't have to ask any questions to know what that meant.

"Cool!" I exclaimed, but my smile faded when Miss Ryehouse spun round.

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