Wrists Like Paper

Alexandria or Alex as she preferred to be called, has been spending her teenage years using her wrists as careless pieces of paper. Cut after cut she made her wrists into works of art. People look at her wrists and notice the cuts but they wouldn't say anything. That's what irritated her the most. The fact that they wouldn't say anything. If they noticed why didn't they say anything, tell her everything that's wrong with her, tell her what they think, just to say anything. All she wanted. Just for someone to actually tell her what they thought. Don't just stare at her like shes a freak tell her something! But what will happen when she meets Harry Styles? Will he help her? Will he tell her what he's thinking? Will he fall in love with the girl with paper for wrists?


1. Alex's Biography

Hi my names Alexandria Ariana Aaron, yes A.A.A are my initials don't judge. I'm 17 and a senior in high school. I have black hair and blue eyes. I wear glasses and I like rock music a lot. I do like one pop group though, their called One Direction. I'm not a fan girl or anything though. My mom was so happy that I actually liked a group that wasn't screamo. She was so excited she bought me front row tickets and back stage passes. I told this girl named Lily who loves One Direction and she said that she would die if she met them. I was gonna give her the tickets but I knew my mum would die if I gave them away. They were so expensive. So tonight was the concert and I didn't know what to do it was only 5:00 am. I had school in 3 hours. What to do now? School was an enemy to me. We didn't exactly get along. Kinda like a case of animal abuse, school beats the fuck out of me everyday and like a hopeless little puppy I can't do shit about it. Cry? Whimper? Maybe. But I punish myself for it all. The way I go is, if people make fun of you, their obviously doing it for a reason, you're ugly. Isn't it obvious Alex? No one likes you. So go ahead cut, it's not gonna make you any prettier. It'll just make you feel better about yourself. Don't listen to you're parents, you are a worthless piece of trash and you always will be. So just die already no one will care, no one will notice. It'll be like the simple disappearance of a shadow as soon as sun hits the right angle. No one notices, so no one cares. And since you're worthless it'll be painless, just like all the scars you have there placed so carelessly on you're wrists. Honestly Alex think you spend you're days wishing you could just drop dead so why not kill yourself. Take a knife to you're chest? Take a bullet to you're head? Take a rope to you're neck? Get hit by a train? Jump in front of of a car? Dive off a building? So many possibilities, just a few steps ahead. But all you have to do Alexandria is choose. Life or death?

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