Love Is in the Air *ON HOLD*

3 girls. 5 boys. 1 romantic love story.

(Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles love Story)


1. Chapter 1

"Niallllllllllll!" I say, holding out the l's in his name. "Alexissssssss!" he replies, copying me, and envelops me in a hug. "I missed you so much." I could hear him mumble into my shoulder. "I missed you, too!" I reply loud enough so he could hear me.

Let me catch you up on who I am. My name is Alexis McCarthy. Im 19, and was brought into this world on June 2nd. About a year ago, I moved to America. I had been best friends with Niall since I met him, so basically 12 years. Niall was my neighbor in the town of Mullingar. When I left he was on tour, so I didn't get to say good-bye to him.

I will be spending this summer with him and the other members of One Direction. I'm even going to fly my two close friends, Grayson and Airyn, to London. But, they don't know that they're going to meet the boys of One Direction. Okay, back to the present.

I just arrived in London and was reunited with Niall. We headed off to his car, and I put my things in the backseat. On the way to their flat, I slowly passed out."


"Alexis, wake up!!" I hear Niall scream into my ear. "How long was the car ride?"I ask. "Two hours." We leave my bags in the car, for what reason I do not know. Oh, well. It was humongous, the house. Amazingly beautiful, too. Niall strolls inside casually, whereas I on the other hand, am following him like a lost puppy dog. "WE"RE HOMEE!" No sooner that was said, I hear four pairs of feet runnning torwards the door.

"Hi, I'm Liam!" says the one with an almost completely bald head. "I'm Harry." the one with captivating green eyes and curly hair says. "I'M LOUIS!" The one in the striped shirt hollars. I immediatly flinch, he hurt my ears, man. "And i'm Zayn." says the one with dark hair, and a blond strip in his hair. I make eye contact with him. He has gorgeous brown eyes, and a perfect smile. "I'M GRABBING HER BAGS!" Again, with the deafening scream Louis? "No, I am." Zayn says quickly, and they both race torwards the door. "Come with me." Niall says and I follow him. We head upstairs, and walk into a bedroom. I walk in and its yellow! My favorite color! " Oh mi gawsh, I love it! Tanks!" I say cheerfully and hug Niall. He chuckles in response and gives me a tour. Straight across from my room is Niall's. To my right is Liam's. Across from Liam's is Harry's. To my left is Zayn's, and across from Zayn's is Louis'. "I'll leave you to settle in." Niall says, "Thanks Ni!" I hollar. I instantly jump onto my bed and pull out my labtop. I open up Skype and look to see whos online.

Airyn Styles.

Payton Payne.

Ashley Tomlinson.

Ah, there she is. Grayson Horan. I click call and she answers in a heart beat. "HEY! How's it going? Y'know at your Irish aunts house?" She asks being nosy. "Turns out she moved to London. And its going good." We talk about random things for roughly an hour. Then, Niall barges in. "Alexis, Dinner's ready!" "Who's that?" Grayson asks. "Oh, um, my cousin. I have to go! BYE!" I end the call and look at Niall. "So.. I'm your cousin?" "She's one of my close friends i'm surprising.. so yes, you are." he chuckles and we run downstairs, anxious for food. "TACOSSSS!" I scream as I realize what is for supper. I ran into the kitchen, but am stopped when I run into someone. It just so happens to be Mr. Perfect, Zayn. "Oh mi gawd! I'm Sorry!" Zayn says quickly, embaressed. "No, its my fault. I'm sorry." I reply. "No." "Yes." "No." "Yes." "No." "Ye-" " JUST EAT!" Niall screams with food in his mouth. I quickly make my food. I finish with a total of three tacos. "Those. Were. Delicious." I state. "Thank You!" Harry says cheerfully. "What do you gu-" I started to say, but was interupted by Louis. "MOVIEE!" Again, with the screaming?! the boys walk off, so I follow. I entered into a huge theater room, with four loveseats. Louis and Harry were sitting on one. Niall was sprawled out on another, Liam was lounging with his feet on the armrests. So, the only seat open was by Zayn. I slowly walk to the seat, but sit as far away from Zayn as humanly possible. Zayn asks in general "What Movie?" "TOY STORYY!" Liam and I hollar in an ear-busting scream at the same time. Liam looks at me in shock. "What? It's my favorite movie!" i say excited. "Mine too!" Liam says as he gets up and runs over and hugs me. Okay,hug? that was a little akward. Harry puts in the disc and presses play. "I dont bite y'know?" Zayn says more in a statement than a question. I sit like a normal person and watch the movie. About 45 minutes into the movie, I drift off into a deep sleep.


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