Creatively attached

Seventeen about to be eighteen year old Lily has been a complete stranger to the outside world. She stays inside and stays away from all of the bullies as much as possible. She's been bullied by pretty much everyone in her school since third grade. When this anti-social meets an all around fun guy named Niall will he be able to change her and patch all of her pain?


1. Chapter one

Lily's p.o.v

My alarm goes off and i instantly dread having to get up. I roll out of bed and get dressed. I throw on a pair of jeans and a shirt not really caring about what i look like anymore either way people are going to pick on me. I go into my bathroom and grab my hairbrush. I brush through my tangled long brown hair and get it as neat and nice as possible. I look at my reflection and my once glowing bright blue eyes now look plain and drab. The sparkle that once took place in my eyes now permanently gone.  I exit my bathroom and grab my black converse that i always keep by my bedroom door. I slip on my shoes tying the laces and head downstairs. Not really wanting to go to school today i take my slow time eating my breakfast until my mum drags me out to the car. I grab my book bag and follow her outside. I climb into the already started car and before i can close my door my mum pulls out of the driveway. "So sweetie are you ready for school?" I sigh. It's the same question every morning with me giving the same response. " No i'm not. I've already told you a million times that I never want to go back there." I could practically feel her roll her eyes at me. "Lily I know it's been hard but that doesn't mean that you have to coward away and hide." "Mum you don't know what they do to me or what they say!" I reply my voice raising. My mum normally lets the conversation end at my first response. "Well that's because you never tell me anything Lillian!" hearing the sound of my full first name i instantly shut up. The rest of the ride neither of us said anything. I pull out my iPod and my phone. I check the time and put my phone back in my pocket. I unravel the headphones from around the iPod and put them in. I play the music and before i know it we're at the school... My worst nightmare. I get out of the car not bothering to wave to my mum as she pulls away and start to walk up to the school steps. Keeping my head down hoping to not get noticed but failing. Almost as soon as i step onto the first step of the school i hear names being yelled at me. Things like fatty, whore, slut and so much more. I rush into the school and head into the bathroom right as the  tears start to spill over and fall onto my face.

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