Niall's Lover

Lily is sad that she can spend time with her boyfriend, Niall on the most romantic day of the year and end up getting a huge surprise from him. And If you like it please favorite and like it and comment what you think of it.


1. Niall's Lover

  It's Valentines Day. The most romantic day of the year and my boyfriend is gone, on tour with his band One Direction. I am sitting on my bed crying, crying about not being with Niall on Valentines Day. I stare at my phone waiting for a text or a call from him. It's 9:12 when he finally texts me.

Niall: Hey Babe, I am so sorry that I can't be with u today. Xx

Me: Hi Ni Ni, It's Okay I just really miss u. :*( XOXO

Niall: I'm Sorry. Ill be back as soon as I can. Bye Love Xx

Me: Bye. :*( XOXO

I put my phone down and stuffed my face in my pillow. My make-up was starting to run black streaks down my face. My pillow looked like a Messy Painting from the make-up. After about half an hour, I go down stairs to get some Ice cream in the Freezer and go back into my room. I get my phone out and start looking at photos of Niall and I. I start to cry even harder. Then I get a text from my best friend, Kenzie.

Kenzie: Hey Lily, Y didn't u answer any of my calls?

Me: Hi Kenz, Sorry, I'm just really sad right now.

Kenzie: Awww what's wrong Hun?

Me: Niall isn't here with me on the most romantic day of the year :*(

Kenzie: Y? where is he?

Me: On tour

Kenzie: Awww that's to bad. :( I'm Sorry Lil.

Me: Yeah it is, I'm just so Depressed without him here. Can u come over? I really need a hug right now from my Best Friend. :*(

Kenzie: Sure Thing. Be there in 25 minutes.

Me: K. Thanks See Ya.

   I start to look at the photos again, of us having fun as little kids like us playing in the mud making pies, us playing hide and go seek and playing house. I was always the Mom and he was the Dad and my cat in a dress was the kid. Then I looked at some other photos when we were a little bit older, like us playing bored games, studying, and hanging out. Then the last photo was of us together hand in hand at the park. After looking at the last photo, I heard some one at the door. It was Kenzie. She came in my room. She looked at me and gave me a huge hug. "It's okay, Don't cry." She said. "It's hard." I said crying even harder. "I know what you mean. Ive been through simular things like this before." She said while gentally wiping tears off my cheeks. I cheered up a little bit. I guess knowing my Best Friend went through things like this made me feel like I'm not alone. We just sat there on my bed. "Now, Stop Crying. I have a surprise for you. Now go get cleaned up." She told me. I go into my closet and grab a Blue Tank Top, My Gray Sweater and My Ripped Jeans with my Converse. Then I go into the bathroom and fix my hair and redo my make-up. "Okay, Where are we going." I asked. "It's a surprise. Now put this on." She said handing me a Black blind fold. I put it on then she grabbed my arm and pulled to the car. As soon as we got to where ever we were, She pulled me out of the Car. "Okay take off your blind fold." she said. I took it off. There I stood in a driveway in front of a house I've never seen before. Kenzie then pulled out a key and unlocked the door. I walked in but Kenzie stayed outside and from the door there was a a trail of red rose petals. I then follow them and It leads to a room with the lights faded and music playing. There stood Niall. I ran up to him and gave him a Hug and Kiss. "Babe! What are you doing here?! I thought you were on Tour?!" I asked. "I couldn't stand that my girl missed me." He said. "I have to ask you something. It's really Important." He said. "What is it?" I asked. Niall kneeled down on one knee and pulls out a ring. It Sparkled Silver. It was Shiny to where I could see my Reflection in it. "Lily, I loved you from the first time I saw you, and I don't want to be without you for another second. Will you marry me?" He said. I stood there, Frozen. I looked into those Big Glossy Blue Eyes staring back up at me. I had tears in my eyes. Then I start to smile. I jumped up quickly. "Yes, Yes I will marry you" I said trying so hard to hold back the tears. He put the ring on my finger and got up and Hugged me so very tightly and kissed me. I couldn't have been Happier. I promised, That Day, To never leave his Side.

Thank you Very Very Much for Reading My Story. I hope you all liked it. Please Like, Comment your thoughts and Favorite it as Well. Thanks Again! xx.

Written By: Lily A.K.A (I Love You <3)

SpellCheck and Grammer By: Kenzie A.K.A (~Niall'sWifeKenzie~)

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