One Shots:)

This is a selection of one-shots written by me.
Prompts are requested by people on Tumblr.
So if you have a request hit up my tumblr:
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Niam: The Concert,
Niam: School,
Louis: Coffee


1. Niam: The Concert


So it was thursday night. Not any thursday night but the night of a One Direction concert. The thing is this concert is going to be a bit different from other but some people just don't know that…


"You excited for tonight buddy?" Niall asked Louis who was sitting next to him in the car on the way to the venue the concert was going to be held at.


"Yeah, what 'bout you?" Louis asked.


"Same." Niall stated blankly, because all he was doing was trying to discreetly look at Liam. 


You see the thing is Niall really likes Liam. But another thing is the fact the Niall believes that Liam would never love him back. The thing is he is very wrong. Niall is all Liam can think about lately. He had caught Niall looking at him throughout the day, but didn't make it look like that. He knows how Niall feels about him, it is a bit obvious but Niall is oblivious to that.


So Liam had to come up with a plan to get Niall to know he is the for Liam. And this is how it went.


- - -


The concert was just under half way through and it was now time for the boys to answer the last twitter question of the night. This question was sent in by an undercover fan who actually if a good friend of Liam's and knows all about Niall liking Liam and Liam liking Niall.


"The next question comes from @1D_amazement and it says…" Louis started. "Who is it that you boys like at the moment?" Louis asked.


"As you know I really do love Perrie so much, so that is an obvious answer." Zayn stated.


"And yeah all of you know how much I love Eleanor." Louis said.


"Well I am single and ready to mingle, but I would have to say that there is no one I like at the moment." Harry said.


"Well the thing is I want to do it in song." Liam stated.


The first chords of Truly Madly Deeply started…


'Am I asleep am I a week or somewhere in between,

I can't believe that you are here lying next to me,

Or did I dream that we were perfectly entwined,

Like branches on a tree, or twigs caught on a vine...


…With you'


- - -


Once Liam had finished singing the song he looked back at Niall who was looking down at the ground with a bit of a hurt expression on his face which at the same time hurt Liam.


"Niall." Liam said into his mic which got the blond boys attention.


"Yeah." Niall replied still sad.


"Well the thing is I sang the song about you…"


"What?" Niall asked out of disbelief.


"Your the one I like." Liam said as loud as he could over the still screening girls.


"Oh." Niall said as he walked towards Liam and took his face in both of his hands and kissed him. Right there in front of all the fans that had shown up for the concert.


"So what do you say?" Liam asked.


"Well you know what I am extremely happy. I have no words to express how I feel right now besides love. Liam I really do love you and I am so happy you feel the same way." Niall said quietly whilst looking Liam in the eye.


 "Well then thats the end of Twitter time for tonight." Louis said wanting the concert to keep going even though they were having a very cut and adorable moment between Liam and Niall.


"So who's ready for some Everything About You." Niall said getting back in the concert spirit.


'You know I've always got you back girl...'

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