Finally Meet<3

5 years ago two people met each other on the internet. They have been pen pals ever since, but on this specific Valentine's Day they meet for the very first time.
This is her view on their story...
For the One Direction contest Valentine's Day special!!
Thank you and I hope you enjoy!!!


1. Special Place

You have absolutely no idea how much I wish I could be standing in front of you. To just hold you close and never let go as if you had to leave. I wish you never do leave.  I don't know how I could manage to not see your sweet handwriting telling me 'don't worry so much, everything will soon be where they should be.' Oh how I wish I could hear you say that in person, I bet you sound lovely. I can't wait one more day knowing that I will wake up everyday to only find that you are on the other side of the world.

Hope you have a wonderful day Love.

P.S. soon isn't soon enough.



I folded the printed e-mail and clutched it against my chest. I nervously pulled my collar up to try and shield myself from the cold as I walked down the street. I couldn't help but get really scared and anxious of what was ahead. I was finally going to meet him. I ran this situation in my head about a million times already, and every time we always fell in love.

I'm not sure if I really am in love. I have easily fallen for him I know that, but I wouldn't know what 'love' feels like. I always imagined it feeling like never-ending butterflies in your tummy, you always find a new reason to fall for them all over again, and every time you kiss it's like you're reminded of the first moment you knew he/she was the one.

I continued and walked down the streets occasionally looking myself over at some reflections to make sure I looked okay. I did have to make a good impression.

I stopped in front of my favorite little Italian restaurant. I only came here as a child and never came back until today. I took a couple of deep breaths as I pushed my way inside. The restaurant looked exactly the same, but it looked as if it were decorated for Valentine's. The painted images of my parents first date flashed through my mind as I walked up to the reservation booth. I smiled slightly at the man as I tried to recollect my thoughts, "Ahh you must be Ms. KittyNala, right this way." I tried not to chuckle at how funny the name sounded in his Italian accent.

I looked around the place to see it filled with small lit candles here and there. The twinkling lights danced around the room and made it look magical. My mom had told me about how special this place was to her and my dad. How they went on their first date and instantly knew that they were in love. I always imagined them whispering close to each other so no one could hear their treasured conversations. But as I looked around there was no one in sight. I thought that people would have enjoyed a Valentine's dinner here, but it was a ghost town...

I had almost bumped into the man from his abrupt stop. I looked over at him confused as he began to gesture to the floor then simply walk away in the opposite direction. I looked down to the floor to see that I was standing in a little pile of white rose petals. He knew I preferred those than the red ones. I began to follow the long trail of petals down the familiar path. I looked ahead to see that they lead to the same table my parents and I always sat at. It was the table they sat at for their first date...

I could faintly hear violins start to play in the background. This whole scenario was just about perfect. The lights, music, place, all that was left was....him.

I looked around to see a fairly tall guy facing the giant mirror wall looking at his reflection. He was wearing a well fitted black suit and had light brown hair. I looked at his reflection to see him mumbling something to himself. I coughed a bit to try and let him know I was here. I watched as he quickly averted his eyes over at my reflection. His face seemed to light up a bit. I couldn't help but smile at how the butterflies in my stomach felt right now. The closer he came over to me the more features I could make. He had sort of thick milky brown colored eyebrows. I loved his brown hair. It looked nicely tousled here and there. He had a rugged masculinity about him, but I could also see that he's a sensible guy. I looked into his gorgeous brown eyes. The people I always hung out with had brown eyes, but with him....I'm not sure, but there was something beautiful about them.

I thought it was sort of weird that I was nervous. I mean I had pretty much known this guy for about 5 years now. Everyday we would talk to each other about practically nothing. I guess it's different now because it could be something more...

There was little space between us. I had to fight the urge to run up to him and kiss him. I think it might make him run away or something. For all I know he might not even find me all that attractive.

"I can't believe it's you. You're more beautiful than I had ever imagined." He said in a low whisper, but loud enough that I heard it. I couldn't help but blush and smile at how blunt he was. I was really awkward with these kind of things, and he knew it.

"Thank do you want to.." I said pointing over to the nicely set table.

"Oh yeah sure, here let me help you with that." He said coming around and helping taking off my coat and then handing it to a man who popped out from nowhere. He put his right hand on the small of my back and led me over to the table. I sat down and looked at the single white rose at the center of the table. There were 2 mini candles on each side of the flower. The room seemed to go dark around us, but I knew that it hadn't. It was just like my mom had told me. There was basically nobody around besides them two. She said it was like the whole room had gone dark but their table.

"You look beautiful by the way." He said taking me out off my thoughts. "Can I ask for your real name? Unless you want me to call you Ms.KittyNala?"

I laughed slyly at his cute and funny remark. "Sure it's Jessie."

I smiled as I saw him instantly perk up and smile, "Like Toy Story." He said laughing a bit.

"Yeah, like in Toy Story. So what's your name? Unless you want me to call you by your pen pal name?"

"It's Liam, but you can call me Daddy if you want." He said shooting me a little wink.

I blushed madly and laughed, making my nose crinkle up and my toung poking out between my teeth. "I think I'll stick with Liam, but it's nice to know I have that option." I said scrunching my nose quickly. That was my way of winking, but cuter and more flirty. I The candle lights lit up his face and I could see that I made him blush. Which made me giggle at how adorable he looked.

The waiter had soon came over and brought our plates of food. Pre-ordered I guess. I looked over at Liam who was giving the waiter a short nod as if he were excusing him. I couldn't help but notice he had a birthmark on the left side of his neck.

I knew that birthmark from somewhere, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it....

Then suddenly it came to me. I was on a date with The Liam Payne. I've been talking to him for the past 5 years and I never even knew it.

I suddenly froze from the realization. I couldn't think properly. There were so many things gong through my head. Mainly negative things like 'This won't go anywhere, he's a superstar' or 'he might just realize that I'm not so special. I'm just plain Jessie. I should just deflate myself right now.'

At least I'll have the chance of still being great friends with him...


"So I'm guessing that you just found out who I really am?" I heard Liam say pulling me, once again, out of my thoughts. I felt him grab both my hands and pull them in his. I could feel his long thumbs stroke the back of my hands soothing me. "Jessie will you look at me."

I looked up at him, waiting to see what he would say.

"I can feel you start to worry, why?" He sounded so caring. I knew I could tell him anything, he pretty much knew everything about me.

"I'm second guessing myself again..." I murmured, ashamed of my answer. I felt him squeeze my hands reassuringly. I gave him a small smile.

"Jessie, you are a wonderful girl. From the moment we started talking 5 years ago everything changed," Liam begun. "Meeting you today for the first time, I don't know but I feel something different...I can't explain it. Every time I see that you've sent me a message I get butterflies, and every time you reassure me that things will be fine I can't help but feel warm inside. You're a really special girl. You've changed my life and I want to do the same. Sometimes I feel as if this is so unreal...because I can't imagine being with someone so beautiful and perfect as you. You're really a special person and I know this is sudden, but will you be mine?"

My breathing hitched and then was caught in my throat. I literally felt like my heart skipped a beat. It might sound so cliché but it's true.

I smiled widely and nodded "I know exactly what you mean. I felt all those things when we started messaging each other, and being here with you person, all those feelings...they didn't go away, but they escalated. Of course Liam, I would love nothing more than to be your girlfriend."

I'm starting to believe that this place and table is magical. I know I'll be able to tell our future kids about this special place. The place where my parents first fell in love....the same place where we have fallen in love...










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