An Irish Valentine

--This is my One Direction One Shot for the 1D Valentine's Day Contest. :) Enjoy. {Niall Horan One Shot}--


1. An Irish Valentine

Maia held out her right hand signaling for cab. Her phone was held in between her right ear and her shoulder as the sound of the constant rings lingered in her ear. Both of her hands were occupied by her two suitcases filled with her clothes and little unnecessary things. A cab, to her luck, stopped quickly in front of her. The man waited as Maia walked around to the back of the car, shoving the two purple suitcases into the trunk. 

"Hello?" her brother's voice rings in her ear, but very tiredly. 

"Josh!" she squealed quietly, "did I wake you up?" Maia climbed into the car, giving the man the directions to Josh's house.

"Uh, yes," he said bluntly. 

Maia let out a faint laugh, "Wow, okay, but I'm taking a cab because someone didn't pick me up at the train station." She played with one of the zippers of her bag as she held her phone with the other hand.

Maia had completed her last year of high school the year before and was going to start college only in August this year. She had nothing to do in her hometown, so she decided to visit her brother, Josh, and his newly wedded wife, Amanda in Mullingar. It was Valentine's day, and Josh always had something planned, even it was just a beer with his friends. Maia was loving the fact that there was going to be someone she could talk to, that wasn't going to be talking about football and rugby. 

"Maia! I'm so sorry! I completely forgot! I'll be right there, wait just a little," Josh said almost damaging Maia's eardrums. She heard some swift movements in the background.

"Josh? It's fine. I'm on my way, inside a taxi. Just wait for me there," she laughed. Josh was still the same brother who goofed off all the time, even being a lawyer. "Talk to you later, JJ." 

As the cab driver pulled over, revealing the big, but simple house. She reached into her purse, shuffling through the pieces of paper and make-up, grabbing her wallet. 

"Thank you sir," Maia said handing the man the needed amount of money. Her vision returned to the house as she opened the door stepping out. The sun was out, but it was still chilly being February. She grabbed her suitcases and walked over to the front door of her brother's home. 

Maia reached over to the little button on the right side of the door, the doorbell sounding the whole house. She slid her hands into her back pockets, turning around as she heard some footsteps behind her. She watched as two guys casually walked closer to where she was. One of them was a tall guy, probably around Josh's age, his arms at his sides, his brown hair glistened in the sun. The other one looked around Maia's age, he had bleached blonde hair with some brown hair coming at his roots, his hands in his front pockets. He was wearing sunglasses that blocked Maia from looking at his eyes, that looked to the ground, at least she thought.

Maia immediately turned around to see Josh at the doorway with his arms wide open. Her face lit up with a wide grin as she ran into his arms. "JJ! I missed you," she smiled. She looked behind Josh waving at Amanda.

"I missed you too Maia!" he shot a smile back at her. "Oh hey Greg," he said looking over Maia's shoulder. 

Maia turned around to see the two boys again. She smiled at them as her brother greeted the two.

"This is Niall, my brother," Greg said pointing to the blonde one with shades.

Niall? As in Niall Horan?

"The more, the better!" Josh shouted, "c'mon let's get in, man. It's pretty cold." 


Maia walked in, her hands free from Josh and Niall holding it for her. She blushed at the offer. She had already felt awkward for not really saying anything while they were outside. She stopped at the stairs, "I'll carry these upstairs to the guest bedroom, okay?" 

"Need help?" Josh asked looking up from his phone.

"No, I think I got it," she replied with an assuring smile. She slipped her hand under the holders of her suitcases and started walking up the stairs. As she walked up the first step, her foot got stuck on one of the shoelaces of the All Stars making her trip slightly and letting the suitcase on the right side fall back. "Aah," she squealed.

"I got it," she heard. She straightened up and as she looked back, she saw Niall with her bag in his hands smiling at her.

"Thanks," Maia laughed, blushing. 

"C'mon, I'll help you carry it upstairs," he said starting up the stairs.

Maia followed behind with her other suitcase. "Next room on the right," she said as they got closer to the guest room. They both walked in setting the suitcases on the side. "Thanks again."

"No problem, so you from around here?" he asked her as she sat down on the spinning chair. 

"No, well, I'm from a few miles away," Maia held up her fingers making quotation marks. Their laughs echoed the almost empty room. "How old are you?" The question slipped out of Maia's mouth, and she smiled for this was the first thing she asked everybody she met. It was weird to some people when she told them, but she didn't care.

You need to get to know the person right? 

"Nineteen, you?" he asked back plopping down on the beanbag. 

"Seventeen and counting," she said earning a chuckle from Niall. She spun on her chair and opened her laptop that was taken out when she got in the room.

She left it open, turning back to Niall who was looking at the table next to him. There was a frame of a little girl and boy, with a man. Maia blinked slowly pressing her lips together.

"That's Max. He's my older brother," she said clearing her throat. She looked up at the ceiling for a second before looking at Niall again, who was looking at her for something. "He had cancer." Her voice was so low, he could barely hear it.

"Oh." Niall said, his face full of sympathy, "I'm sorry."

"It's okay. Anyways, so you're the Irish one?" Maia said chuckling, referring to the way he presented himself in concerts.

Niall furrowed his eyebrows with a smile on his face. She knew he probably didn't know what she was talking about. Especially since she was also Irish and she was being completely random.

"You know? From One Direction," she laughed imitating his wink. His laugh filled her ears, remembering her from all the times her best friend, Bella, would always make her watch their videos. 

"I see you're a fan?" he said gesturing with his hand at Maia.

"No," Maia shook her head. Her eyes widened, and she shook her head vigorously. "I mean, I like your music, but I just don't know you guys, well at least not like my friend Bella. She makes me watch everything, you guys are very funny." She gave him a cheeky smile. She opened her mouth pointing to the door behind her, "Uh, do you want to go downstairs?"

"Sure," he said lifting himself up from the beanbag. 

Maia led him downstairs, joining everyone else. Josh was on the barbecue while talking to Greg, and Amanda was talking to someone who had probably gotten there some time later. Josh noticed the two that had just gotten there, giving both a smile, he said, "Hey little sissy."

Maia knew that every time he got like that, he wanted something. "What do you want?" she asked him giving a tone of sarcastic. He smirked.

"Can you, please, go to the market and grab some garlic bread and beer?" 

"Um, the garlic bread, yes," she started, "but the beer? Josh, I'm eighteen."

"I told him Niall could go with you," Greg said resting his elbows on his knees. Maia nodded looking at Niall who nodded in agreement.


"Thanks for coming, I wouldn't have known where to go anyways," Maia laughed. She took out the keys from her side bag. "Do you want to go by car or walking? I mean I don't know what's closer."

"I've been here before, there's market a couple blocks down." he said pointing down the empty road. Maia nodded stepping at his direction. 

"So, what does it feel like?" she asked looking at him as they walked in synch. 

He glanced at her, furrowing his eyebrows, "What do you mean?"

"Being known? Famous for what you're good at," she said. Her eyes were roaming around the apartments and houses. She held onto the strap of her bag.

"It's, it feels surreal. You know it's happening but it just feels like it's all one big dream," he said chuckling at his use of words.

"Because it is your dream, right?" she said as they got closer to a market, which she noticed it was probably where they were headed.

"Yeah, yeah. It is, of course. I don't know where I'd be right now, especially if it weren't for the fans, you know? They voted for One Direction, and now they support us all the time." His hands were in his jeans.

"My friend Bella," Maia said making Niall turn to her at the sudden subject of her friend, "she made me watch, well I like watching it, don't get me wrong." This made Niall chuckle. "She made me watch a video of when you guys were in New York at the Madison Square Garden. You guys were singing I believe, Little Things, and you got emotional and cried?" Her sentence ended more of a question.

Niall pointed at the market, gesturing for me to go in. I stepped in, the ding sound as I passed the sensor. Niall came right behind me. He chuckled as we walked into the bread aisle. "Yeah, it's fascinating. But anyways, enough about me. What about you? What do you want to do?"

Maia smiled as she thought about the one thing she really wanted to do her whole life. The one thing that was her dream. "I want to cook. I want to be a chef. I love experimenting new types of food." She grabbed a bread throwing it in the basket she had picked up.  

"Really? That's awesome, I love the part where you eat," he said making Maia let out a giggle. She covered her mouth immediately embarrassed by her laugh.

She shook her head as they took off to the other aisle. After they grabbed everything, they proceeded to the checkout. Niall set the pack on the counter while Maia set the breads. She quickly grabbed the butterfingers that was near the cashier setting it with the other things. Niall gave a quiet chuckle and she shrugged smiling. 

They headed out with the things, Niall caring the heavier bag, and Maia with the breads. They talked for what seemed forever, not rushing to get to her brother's home. They took small steps as they talked about their everyday lives and their interests. It was enjoyable to Maia, she liked getting to know people. 

When they finally reached home, her brother asked what had taken them so long. they laughed and Maia remembered all the things they talked about.


"Well, it was nice having you guys here." Josh said at the door. It was dark outside, around nine forty five at night. They would've stayed longer, but Greg had to work the next day.

Niall and Maia spent the whole time talking and having fun. She walked out to the fence door where Niall leaned while waiting for Greg to finish talking to Josh. "That was a lot of fun," she said giving him a small smile.

"Yeah, we should hang out some more often," Niall said in an enthusiastic voice. She nodded in agreement.

"Well, looks like you're going," she muttered as Greg came closer to them. She reached in for a hug, and right when she was going to let go, she heard him say something in her ear.

"Meet me tomorrow at the park next to the market, noon. Happy Valentine's day." 

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