I Want Someone To Be Mine

Just tells how we all want someone to love us and only us. Not noone ele. How we need to true to one another.


1. I Want Someone To Be Mine

There has to be someone

Somewhere that will be mine

In the empty mist of time

They will only be mine


I am his and he is mine

Somewhere in time

I was not far away

I was near to you


In this world  I am here for you

I will be yours in this plave

Somewhere in time

I will be yours and only yours


For years I have not slept

Since I have no one near

Like rain my tears are falling

Somewhere in time


At night when I dream I wake

My pain hurts more when your not here

I want someone somewhere to love me

A companion I need in this time


I wish someone would be mine and only mine

So I could call him mine

I'm not far away, I'm nea rby

I want someone to be mine


Forever I will be yours

If you find me and want me

Somewhere in this world

Somewhere in time


A promise I will make

You will never be lonely

There will be memories so sweet

You will remember me


You will have hope and joy

Somewhere in this world

Somewhere in time

My love to you I will give





















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