Valentines Day Surprise (Harry Styles One Shot)

Hey guys so this is for the Valentines Day One shot competition. It would mean more than the world to me if you read it and liked/favorited it! The more likes the better for the competition! Also, I purposely didn't put a specific main character name in there for the girl so maybe it would feel like you were actually part of the book? So comment and tell me what you all think! Thanks guys!:) Hope to hear from you soon!


1. Valentine's Day Surprise

I woke up from a knock on the door. I groaned as I stood up to answer it. It was a bit of a late night last night and I had the worst hangover ever. If people ranked how bad every hangover in the world was, mine would defiantly be at the top.

I got to the door and stood there for a moment preparing my self for having to deal with human contact. I wiped the sleep out of my eyes and put my hand on the door knob when there was another knock.

"Hold your horses!" I moaned as I opened the door.

"Well hello to you too, Miss Grumpy." Harry said to me. Wait.. Harry? Was that Harry at my door? I looked up and sure enough it was. I jumped into his arms and wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. I hugged him hard. I love his hugs. The way we fit together perfectly like two puzzle pieces. It made me feel safe and at home. "Harry! What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be on tour and filming for your movie?!" He was still hugging me, but I pulled away so I could stare into his eyes. They were a beautiful, sparkling, emerald green. They shined like the stars on a country road, just like they always did when he was excited or happy. 

"What? I would never spend a Valentines Day away from my gorgeous girlfriend!" He kissed me on the lips and set me down on my feet. He gave me that award winning, bright as the sun smile of his that made me weak in the knees

"Well aren't you just the sweetest" I gave him a cheeky smile, "So, what did you have to do this time to take off this week?" Harry took my hand and led me to our living room so we could talk, shutting the front door behind him.

"Well...." He hesitated answering my question. This usually wasn't a good sign.

"Out with it Styles!" I spit at him. 'How much longer will he be gone this time?' I was wondering. I always missed him so much when he was away.

"Well, because this week is just photo shoots and interviews, I was able to convince management to let us cancel stuff this week, but then I will have to be gone for 2 extra weeks in March to make up for it." He gave me an apologetic look but I knew there was nothing he could do about it. It was his career, I would never ask him to give that up. It's what he loves!

"So I won't see you for a whole month?" My eyes wide giving him the puppy dog face.

"Well let me finish" He giggled at me and I returned with a smile, "I got them to let you come with me starting March 1st." A huge grin grew onto my face.

"Are you serious? They're letting me come with?!" I asked with excitement trying to decide if this was actually true or not. He gave me a nod and my excitement grew. I jumped on top of him and started kissing him. He was laying down on the couch, me, straddling his body. I pulled away from our kiss only for a moment to tell him, "I missed you"

"And I missed you" He replied before returning his soft lips to mine. The kiss grew more passionate leaving us out of breathe. We were forced to stop after a while to take a couple breathes before returning to what we were doing, but in those couple breathes he said to me, "Happy Valentines Day babe. I love you." He whispered the last part. I grinned back into our make out session. That was the first time he said it to me, and as the rest of the best Valentines day ever continued on, I was praying it wouldn't be the last.

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