A Chance at love

It was Valentine's Day and Erica had nobody to spend it with. She had just moved to England and hadn't met anybody yet. That is, until she runs into the 5 boys of One Direction at a small diner and they give her the best Valentine's Day of her life.


1. A Chance At Love

My name is Erica and I just moved here to England. It also happens to to Valentine's Day, but unfortunately I am spending it alone. I decided to go to breakfast at a small diner I saw when I first moved in. I brushed and straightened my long dark brown hair. I put green eye shadow that made my bright blue eyes pop. I put on a touch of mascara and I was ready to go. I pulled on my black jacket over my plain white T-shirt and i wrapped a blue scarf around my neck. After I grabbed my purse I was out the door. I decided to walk because it was nice out and it wasn't very far away.
I pulled open the door of the diner and as I walked in the smell of bacon filled my nostrils. A waitress came to me and then showed me to a booth that looked like it was big enough for 6 people. I ordered a coffee then took out my phone, I looked up and dropped my phone when I saw who was standing in the door way.

It was all of the boys from One Direction.

They looked at me and smiled, then they surprisingly came right up to me and squished into the booth with me.

"Hello, love" Said the curly haired boy with green eyes.

"Y-y-your One Direction."

"That we are." Said the blonde haired Irish one.

"But we want to know about you, what's your name? Are you meeting anyone here?" Finished the tanned one with dark hair.

"My name is Erica, and no I'm here by myself."

"What is a pretty girl like you doing by herself on Valentine's Day?" Questioned the one with a buzz cut and warm brown eyes.

"I just moved here, and I don't know anyone yet."

"Hmm, well now you know us, and we would love to show you around London today, if you want." The one with blue eyes and a perfect voice told me.

"I would be honored to spend the day with you."

"That settles it, after breakfast, we will be your dates for the day." Harry said cheekily.

Just then the waiter came with my coffee and she took all our breakfast orders.

The flight has been amazing, I decided to look out the window for the first time and what I saw made my jaw drop.

It was the eiffle tower. They were taking me to Paris. I could not belive this was happening.

"We decided that for your best Valentine's Day ever you needed a romantic dinner in Paris." Niall spoke.

"I can not believe that One Direction is taking me to dinner in Paris."

"Believe it." Harry whispered in my ear.


We were climbing out of the jet when a girl came up to me.

"I will be helping you with your dress for tonight."

My mouth dropped open.

"I guess we forgot to mention that you will be getting the dress of your dreams for the dinner tonight which just happens to be at the top of the eiffel tower." Zayn explained.

My jaw dropped even further, if that's even possible.

I was lead away by the girl and we kept walking until we reached what looked to be the most expensive dress store, ever.

As soon as I walked in people crowed around me and began measuring me. After they were finished I was lead into a room filled with the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen. I picked out one that was dark purple and blue, it was floor lenght and the material fell around my body perfectly.

After, the dress was taken off, I was ushered into another room and they put me into a chair and then started playing with my hair, after about half an hour they turned my chair around and gasped. My hair was perfect.

I was then taken back to the dressing room where I was given a pair of heels that matched my dress perfectly and I slipped back into the dress. I walked out of the dressing room and their stood four boys looking amazingly perfect in tuxes.

"You look beautiful." They all echoed.

Then I looped my arm in Harry's and we walked out.

We were then escorted to the top of the eiffel tower where a table set for six was waiting.

Harry pulled out my chair then took a seat next to me.

The food was amazing and was served in courses. After we had finished eating Harry pulled me aside and after a moments hesitation kissed me.

I kissed back, and after a few moments we pulled apart.

This was my chance at love.

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