Blind Valentine.

Lexi has been single for a while now, so her friends decide to set up a blind date for valentines day. Will Lexi go along with it or stay at home alone for valentines day? (For the 1D short story contest).


1. Blind Date.

"What!" I shouted at my 'best friends', they didint seem that great since they are setting me up on a blind date. Yeah I was single, yeah I was looking for romance, but not in this way!

"C'mon Lexi" Ali looked at me with puppy dog eyes. Her long brown hair was tied up in a loose bun and strands across her face.

"No!" I frowned at them. I crossed my arms over my chest and turned to the others who all looked guilty, "Why would you do this without my approval!".

"We knew you would never say yes, so we just set it up anyway" Teddy looked at the ground. She was the shyest of the group but she wasn't AS shy around us. She looked back up hoping I had taken my gaze of her but looked quickly back at the ground almost immediately.

"Do you know this guy?" I questioned, my green eyes transfixed on Cherry who apparently set up the whole thing but just dragged in the others.

"My cousin does" she muttered just loud enough for me to hear.

"Seriously? You don't even know him, how do I know he is not some weirdo?"

"He is not, alright? Please do it, I don't want you to be alone another valentines day while we are out with our boyfriends" she looked sympathetic, "We even bought you something to wear"

"Uh... Alright" I moaned. I can't believe they did not tell me before now, it was tonight, it would be better if I knew before tonight.

"Yes!" Jessica cheered. I had four best friends, four friends that set me up on some date with a complete stranger. Their name's are Jessica, Cherry, Ali and Teddy. I love them to bits but sometimes they got on my nerves. They passed me over the dress which they had bought me for it. It was a knee length red flowing dress, it was amazing, I had to hand it to them. It matched my blonde curly locks perfectly.

They wished me good luck and told me where the venue was. It was a posh resturant down the street, I had always wanted to go there but never had the money, well at least this guy might be well off at least.

I took a quick shower, dried my hair, brushed my hair, brushed my teeth and then I popped into my dress and finishing it of with black nail varnish and a pair of black heels and a black handbag."Ready to go" I thought to my self. I grabbed my phone, purse and threw them into my handbag.

I walked outside hearing police sirens in the distance and a few exited squeals. I checked my watch, it read 6:45. It would only take me around 15 minutes to get there. The date started at 7:15. Better get going then.

I drove past all the red brick walls covered in graffiti thinking about what this boy would look like, sound like, be like mostly though. It was valentines day, I need a guy in my life at least today. When I reached my destination I parked my car and walked through the door and up to the desk.

"Reservations for Ms Brooks, Cherry Brooks?" I questioned remembering Cherry texted me to use her name. The woman at the desk gave me a broad smile, "Lucky" she muttered. She must know who I was going on the date with. Cherry didn't want me to know anything about this guy until I saw him. She nodded and led me to a table, nobody was sat there yet.

I got out my phone and texted Cherry saying I had gotten there and that I hope she had a good time. I stood up and walked to the toilets quickly and when I came out, a curly haired boy was sat down at my table.

"You must be my blind date?" I sat down across from him. He looked up at me, grinned and nodded then turned his phone off. There was something about that cheeky grin that made me think I knew him. He was very handsome though, dimples, thats all you need, dimples to make people fall for you.

"Hey" He sat up straight, "My names Harry".

"Hi, my names Lexi" I grinned "Um, do I know you?" I said blushing a little. He chuckled at me.

"You might, I'm Harry Styles, from the band One Direction" He chuckled a bit more.

"Ohhh, sorry" I blushed more.

"Its alright" he grinned. We started talking about ourselves, we were both the same age, he was older than me by a day. He told me about the X-factor, his bandmates, his family, his hobbies, pretty much everything about him. I did the same though my life was'nt half as interesting as his was, but he seemed interested. I felt like I could tell him anything, we clicked straight away. 

We ordered our food and fter we ate we carried on talking. We talked until the place was empty and until it closed. Harry payed the bill then put his coat around me as we stepped outside into the rain.

"You're an amazing girl, you do know that" he smiled making me blush.

"Thanks" I blushed "And you're an amazing guy" I smiled back. We stood out in the rain just staring deeply into each others eyes. His green eyes to my green eyes. 

Nobody moved until he moved in closer until his forehead touched mine. His fingers intertwined with my fingers as his soft lips collided with mine. His curls colliding with my curls, his chest colliding with my chest. When we seperated I looked at him again.

"Why would a guy like you even talk to a girl like me?" I stayed looking at him. He thought to himself to a minute before answering my question.

"Why not?".

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