The Little Girl.

This was originally going to be the idea for my short story in The Awesomest Competition ever. But, I decided to try my luck as a poem. I've never really done poetry before, so please, if you're into poetry, give me CC!


1. The Little Girl

As he lies in his bed,

He is abruptly awoken

By the sounds of cries and screams

And all the words unspoken.


His mother is upstairs

Beating on his little sister,

All because she blames the girl

For losing her 'Special Mister'.


The crying, the pain, the hurt

Has been going on for years.

It doesn't help the girl

That her mom had too many beers.


One day the screams just stopped

At a quarter past eleven,

And the little boy just knew

His little sister would see him in heaven.

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