I Should've Kissed you

Spencer Marie Gray and Harry Edward styles have been friends for ever.Little does Spencer know that her best friend in the whole world is starting to fall in love with her!But Spencer already has a boyfriend ): But once Harry and his friends do something that will change Spencer's feeling's what will happen??? is it good or bad?
find out by reading i should've kissed you <3


5. skipping school

Spencer's p.o.v

Last night Harry wouldn't reply to my text's. I wonder what happened and I was really worrying. I got ready for school, putting on some black skinny's and a Hollister sweater with  my purple Jordan's  I called him (Harry) to see if he was gonna pick me up but no answer. I grabbed my keys phone and my bag, walking out the door. 

When I arrived at school and walked into the building. I turned the corner and saw the most shocking thing ever. "Josh?" I said, tears forming in my eyes. He backed away from the girl. "Spence it's not what it looks like" he said. I couldn't get anything out. "She kissed me" he said. Now tears falling. I ran, pushing through the girl he was with and going into the bathroom, crying my eyes out.

I cleaned my face and walked out the bathroom. "Spencer" I  heard some one say. I turned around "Spence let me explain" Josh said. "No Josh I think you already explained, you clearly wanna be with her" I said tears coming back. "no Spence, I wanna be with you" He said. "then why were you kissing her?" I said obviously curious. "babe," he say taking my hand. "she kissed me, I wanna be with you" he said. I couldn't be mad at him, I mean I've been with him for almost 4 and a half months. Everybody should get a second chance. "Josh, I don't know" I said. "Spencer, i'm sorry" he said. "here lets go, just me and you" he said. I nodded but knowing this wasn't the right thing to do. I basically raised myself. My dad was never home. "okay" I said. He took my hand and we  left out of the building.

"where are we going?" I asked him. "to my place to hang out" he said. I nodded. I've been to his house before. When we arrived we walked inside and up to his room. I sat on the bed and he sat next to me. "Spence i'm really sorry" he said. I nodded, not looking at him. He starts kissing my neck slowly, making his way to my lips. "Josh" I barely whisper. He shifts his body so that he's now on top of me. He kissed my lips hard with more passion, moving his hand up my bum. I pulled away cause I know where this is going. "Josh I can't" I said. He looked disappointed  "i'm not ready" He nodded. We laid in bed cuddling watching a movie. 

Harry's p.o.v

It was lunch and I hadn't seen Spencer all day. I tried texting her but she never replied. A couple minutes later I heard my phone vibrate I looked at it, it was a text from Spence. "I don't ever wanna talk to you again" she said. Tear's formed in my eyes. What did I do? I didn't even bother texting back. I called the boys and told them everything.

I got up and left the lunch room running to my car. I sat there thinking about what I could've done. 

Josh's p.ov

 Spencer fell asleep. I took her phone and looked for that Harry dude. I texted him from her phone pretending i'm her and told him to not to talk to me anymore, or in this case Spencer. I deleted the text and set it back inside her bag. I walked back into the room, "hey babe you want me to take you home?" I said waking her up. "mm hmm" she said. She got up rubbing her eyes. She grabbed her stuff and we had walked out to my car. 

When we arrived at her house I kissed her goodbye but I wasn't feeling the spark like I did when we first were dating. I drove off and went over to my girlfriends house. Lilly was here name.

Spencer's p.o.v

 I walked inside and went upstairs to my room. I set my stuff down and laid in my bed. I thought of texting Harry. "hey" I sent. But no reply. He always would reply back to me. 15 mins I  got a text. I thought it would be from Harry but it was from Josh. I opened it up and read it. "hey babe I cant make it to the dance this Friday ;( I have to go outta town to visit my grandparents" he said. I was hurt a little but understand. "oh okay..." I sent. "i'm sorry" he replied. I didn't say anything after that. I got up slipping on my slippers. I walked outside, down the street to Harry's house. 

I knocked 3 times like always. I heard some one open the door. "hey" I said. "hey" Harry said back. He seemed kinda down. "can..can I talk to you?" I asked him. "ugh, sure" he said stepping aside so I could enter. "so" he said. "Well Harry how come you didn't reply back to me last night and well where did you go after lunch yesterday" I said. He looked at me but didn't say anything. "Spencer you know I don't like Josh" he said. "so that's the reason?" I said. This was so petty. "Spence I really don't wanna argue, didn't you say you don't wanna talk to me" he said. "Harry why would I say that?"I asked"I don't know, why did I get a text from you saying that you didn't wanna talk to me anymore?" he said. "Let me see"I said. "I don't have the text anymore, I deleted it." he said. "why do you always delete your messages??" I said. "well check your phone" he said. I pulled out my phone and checked but nothing was there. "nope" I said. "well I know it was you" he said. . 

"Oh" I said "um Harry, I caught Josh kissing another girl, but..."  He cut me off"I told you he's no good" Harry said. "but, as I was saying...He told me that she kissed him" I reassured Harry  "and well we ditched school and went to his house" I added. "Spencer" Harry said. "hmm" I replied  all innocent. Harry just shook his head. "well I wanted to ask you do you wanna go to the dance with me?" I asked. "as friends" I added. Harry smirked, that made me giggle. "well sure but why not with Josh?" he said. "well He has to visit his grandparents" I said. "mm hmm sure" Harry said.

 Harry's p.o.v

I was actually happy, because I get to go to the dance with her. "well i'll see you tomorrow?" She said getting up. "yea" I said. "okay then bye Harry" she said then walked back to her house.

            I cant believe this. The one I love,is going to the dance with me  

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