I Should've Kissed you

Spencer Marie Gray and Harry Edward styles have been friends for ever.Little does Spencer know that her best friend in the whole world is starting to fall in love with her!But Spencer already has a boyfriend ): But once Harry and his friends do something that will change Spencer's feeling's what will happen??? is it good or bad?
find out by reading i should've kissed you <3


3. school

Spencer's p.o.v

  The last thing I remembered was me falling asleep on Harry's shoulder. I looked around looking for him. I woke up sweating from a bad dream. It was 3 in the morning. I walked downstairs and looked. Nothing. I ran back up to my room and grabbed my phone. I didn't think about calling Josh cause he lives far and I don't wanna make him drive all the way over to my house so i called Harry. 

     After 3 rings he answered. "hello" he said in a tired voice.   "Harry" I said shakily  "Spence, whats wrong" he said. "its all your fault, putting in that scary movie" I exclaimed. I heard him chuckle on the phone. That made me smile. "Sooo your scared" he said. "uhh, yes" I replied to him. "can you come over?" I asked. "yea i'll be over in about 5 minutes" he replied. "okay" "don't look under your bed" he teased I heard the line go dead. I started freaking out. I curled up in a ball, sitting on my bed rocking.

  Just like he said, he came knocking 5 minutes later. I turned on every light, making my way downstairs and unlocking the door. He came in wearing his basket ball shorts and a white t-shirt, holding a pair of skinny jeans in his hands. "hey" he said coming in. "thank god you're here" I said. He chuckled, shaking his head. We walked up to my room . "so why not call your boyfriend?" he said. I gave him that serious look. "Harry, really? 1 is because he lives far and 2 because you live closer and your my best friend" I said getting in the bed laying back down. "mm " he said. "just lay down and got to sleep, school's tomorrow". 

 He laid in the bed next to me but( not that close), and we fell a sleep.

 Harry's p.o.v

    I was just laying there next to her warm body. WAIT! I need to stop thinking these thoughts. Could I really be crushing on my BEST FRIEND? I turned over on my side and unlocked my phone. I text my best mate Louis. "Hey 2mw lets meet up like we usual I  gotta tell you something -_-" and  sent the text. I rolled over facing her. She looked beautiful. I closed my eyes and then fell asleep also, knowing we had to wake up in 4 hours for school. 


  We got out the car  walking in the building together. "oh great" I growled as soon as I spotted Josh. "JOOOOSSSHH!" she yelled running up to him. "bye Spence" I said. "oh bye Harry i'll see you at Lunch" she said I nodded walking away meeting up with Louis by my locker.

    "hey mate" I said. "hey" he said. I opened up my locker and grabbed my books. "what's  up?" he asked me. "mate you can not tell any one" I said seriously. "okay" he said. "well I think Josh is snogging other girls or maybe there's a girl behind Spencer's back, I don't want Spence getting hurt, She's been my best friend since forever and I lov- I mean I really care about her" I muttered. "oh well um you know I've known Josh for 3 years now, and I mean Josh can be like that sometimes and well-" he said. "so wait your telling me that your taking his side!??" I asked. Was he really telling me that? "Harry, i'm not saying that it's jus-" he said. I cant believe this! "No Louis, just forget it, i'll handle things on my own" I said slamming my locker and stormed away. I wasn't gonna let my best friend get hurt by some asshole.

  It was now 5th period. Yes after this it's Lunch. I sat down in my seat taking out my assignment. I heard some giggles in the backround coming from some girls. I turned to see them all hovering around Josh. I got up from my seat, walking up to him. "why are you talking to these girls?" I asked in demand,He smirked at me, "and who are you to know?" he asked. "Look you already have a girlfriend"I snapped. He just stood up, getting closer to my face, but then pushing me out the way and going to his seat. The bell rung and everyone took their seat's and class began.


  I got in line grabbing my lunch and sitting down at the table that me and Spence usually sit at. I saw her making her way over to the table. "hey Haz" she said all happy. That made me smile. "hey" I said. "so any plans after school?" she asked me, well how about you answer that first and then i'll answer that for you" I said. She giggled and nodded. "well me and Josh are gonna go to the cinema" she said. My facial expression dropped hard. "oh" I said. "well how about you?" she asked. "well imma go hang out with Niall and the guys"I replied. "cool" she remarked

Josh was walking up to the table, taking a seat next to Spence. "hey babe" she said. "hey" he said. Then looked over at me and gave that 'don't say anything' kind of look. He just really got on my nerves. "Spence i'll text you later" I blurted getting up from the table. "okay bye" she muttered. I threw my lunch away and walked out the lunch room walking to my car. I don't feel like being here anymore. I started my car and drove off heading to Niall's house. He get's out early.

   I just arrived at his house. I got out the car and walked up to his door. "ey" he greeted. "hey Ni" I replied walking in. "hey guys" I said to Liam and Zayn that were also there. "sup" they said. "bro aren't you suppose to be in school still?" they asked. "well yea but Josh just made me mad. And you know Lou doesn't even care about what he's doing" I said angry. "well what is Josh doing?" Zayn asked. "well I think he's snogging other girls" I said.  (If your wondering: Spence, Lou and I including Josh   used to go to grade school together. But I've known Niall, Liam and Zayn since grade school but they went to a different school.) "oh, but isn't he still going out with Spence?" Niall asked. "yea" I said. "and um actually..." I started. "um I think I like...umm I think I like Spence" I said mumbling the last part. "what?" Liam asked. "I said I think I like Spence" I belted. "bro" Zayn said. "I know" I said. I knew he was gonna say something like 'but she's your best friend or but she's with Josh'. "so what you gonna do?" Liam asked. "well I don't know?" I replied shrugging my shoulders.

   I saw something that caught my eye on Niall's table. "what's this?" I asked him picking it up. "oh it's a song i'm writing" he said. 'I should've kissed you' I read. "yea" He said. "it's for Holly" Liam teased. "who's th-" I said. "Niall's crush" said Zayn "oooo" I said. "well how does it go?" I asked. "oh well  haven't started it" he said. "go get you guitar" I directed.

                                           I had an idea in mind. 

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