You And Me

When Bailey's mom gets married to another guy, she feels like an outsider in the new town and school, her step brother, Darrek, is the only one being nice to her and she starts to get a crush on his best friend Axel. However her step brother starts to like her and thinks start to get all filled with drama. What she gonna do?


1. Home Sweet Home

I walked out of the house with another box in my hands. I can't believe she would get rid of everything for a guy. Does she not know it changes things with her kids too. My mother, Sara Johnson, best lawyer in the state. And she gave away her job for a guy she met 3 months ago?! And I have to leave my friends and everything for a guy I haven't even met yet?! Sometimes I wonder if mom even knows what shes doing. I put my last box in the back of the truck and walked back into the house. My dog was laying in my brothers room. I laid on my brothers floor and seen how empty it was. My brother didn't really live with us. He died when I was 6, and I missed him a lot. A tear fell onto the dog and he lifted up his head and tried to lick my cheek. I tried to smile.

"Bailey, come on, we're leaving!" my mom yelled up the stairs. I groaned and got up.

"Come on Apollo, time to leave home." She followed me out the door and into mom's truck. She was a good dog, really calm but loved people and to make them smile.


The house was really big. Like wow. A guy, my step-dad I'm guessing, was helping unload things. Apollo got out and stood beside me. She was protective of me since my brother was gone. Mom unloaded a few things and I helped out too. I walked in the house and put a box in the living room. It had a leather couch and big TV, a dark-ish blue color for the walls, tan boards for the windows.

"Bailey, this is Jack, he will be your new step-dad in a few months." My mom smiled a lot when she said it and hugged him.

"Hello, welcome to your new home, Darrek will be home in a few hours around dinner." He said while he opened a box.

"Darrek? Whose that?" I took out Apollo's food dish and filled it for her.

"He's my son, from my last marriage." He handed mom a blanket and she laid it on the back of the couch. I just stood there and petted Apollo. I couldn't stand the thought of having another brother..... It seemed to me like mom was trying to replace the family we once had....


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