Lily White

Me, I may seem perfect…I’m not. My life has been hell since that one mistake, one mistake that happened on my 15th birthday, two year on I’ve lost my family and now I’m in this boarding school with no friends, until I meet Jasper. The one who changed my life, but will he ever know the real me?


1. First Time Writing

Wednesday 16th January 2013

Two years I’ve been in this dump. No friends. No family. No one. You will be wondering why I am called Lily White when I’m pale as ice with dark hair as black as ebony. Well this Isn't my real hair colour, I just dyed it so no one really knows the real me…otherwise they will know what I’ve done and the bad person I’m really am. These two years I have been trying to make amends with my family, start a new life and make new friends. At 17 years old I have made no progress. You will be wondering how  I have got into this place. Well all you need to know is that 2 years ago I made the worst mistake of my life and ruined my relationship with my family. I bet you are wondering what I did wrong. Well again I am not going to tell you and I don’t want to mentioned about that. Moving On. Today is the sixteenth dye of 2013, the sixteenth day I’ve been 17. yes. My mum gave birth to me on new years. I was a new start, a new thing . A girl with bright blue eyes and bleach white hair, pale skin with rosy red cheeks. This was a present from my mum when I was little. This little suede diary with a lily on the cover. I’ve always cherished this and never written in it. But today is a new start. I want to change. I want everyone to like me.

‘Lily…are you there? Open the door please, now.’

I walk to the door sighing at the fact that I have been disturbed from my fantasy

‘what Jemima’

‘well the new boy has arrived and Ms Piddleton has assigned you to look after him for the week’

That’s a week of  me being secluded gone…

‘Why me I’ve never been chosen to do that’

‘yeah I was shocked that she chose you. Its usually me’

‘well obviously because you’re the head teachers pet’

‘well obviously,’ Jemima said while  tossing her hair


‘Anyway , where do I have to meet him’

‘Well he is in the reception waiting you to take him around the building and then to his room which is 213’


‘the one next to mine, what the hell?’

‘Well yeah lets hope you don’t get into the bed with him before Keisha’

‘Why would I want to do it with the new boy’

‘Because he is super good looking’


And at this is slam my door shut and walk down the hallway towards the reception

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