I Have A Brother?!

My name is Nessie, short for Vanessa, and I am a singer. I'm not your average eighteen-year-old girl, obviously. One day my life changed, my Mum told me some news. That I had a brother, half brother to be exact, and he happens to be part of a huge boy-band called One Direction . . .


1. The News

I skipped downstairs and walked into the kitchen. It was a regular morning for me; wake up, eat breakfast, have a shower, grab my bag and go to the studio to write and record songs. I started to sing over a year ago and my music is catching on. I'm planning to release an album in a few weeks, and with that, go on tour and live the life of a celebrity. 

After I finished my morning routine, I said goodbye to my Mum and grabbed Pip (my acoustic guitar I have had since I was fourteen). 

"Nessie, could you wait a sec?" My Mum asked just as I had put my key into the door. 

"Sure. Why?" I called back. Getting impatient as I wanted to show Ray, my manager, a song I wrote last night. 

"Come here, I need to tell you something." Mum instructed. I walked into the lounge where she was sitting in her dressing gown, her bleached hair pulled back into a messy bun. "Sorry to drop this on you, but you have a half-brother." 

"What?!" I screached. My face turning red with anger. 

"It's Liam Payne from One Direction, I only found out yesterday. Your father rarely contacts us, too busy with his new family." Mum explained bitterly. She hates Dad, he left when I was four. 

"Oh. Crap." I mumured. I used to be obsessed with them, especially when they were on the X-Factor, now I rarely listen to their music. I waved to Mum and went to my car. I place Pip carefully on the back seat and climbed in. It was a cheap crappy Ford Focus, I couldn't afford anything decent. But I'm planning to buy a nicer car if my career takes a good turn. 

I drove to work, singing along to Taylor Swift's 'Begin Again'. I climbed out of the car and rescued Pip from the back seat. I ran into the studio and ran to Ray's office. 

"Hiya." She greeted, looking up from a book. 

"Hi, I wrote a song last night, want to listen?" I asked. She closed her book and took off her reading glasses. Ray wasn't old, she's in her mid-thirties. Her Dad owns the record label, she just manages what I do and stuff. 

"Go on then." Ray said excitedly, she loves it when I write new songs and play them for her. 

I played her the song and at the end she clapped. 

"This is the last song you can put on the album, let's record it today then you're all set!" Ray instructed. 

We spent all day recording, putting the music together and re-recording bits. We put the track on the album and decided a date to release it. 

"OK, so in a month? In a week we can release one single from it then see how it does, and if it get's a positive response we can release the album, if it gets a bad response we release another single and see how it does. You already have a few fans from the few singles you have released, so I'm sure it will have a positive feedback." Ray explained. I nodded to show I understood. 

We decided on a track together and decided to release it next week, while we wait she is arranging for me to go on a few chat shows to discuss it and get me some more fans, plus I have to perform the song as well. 

A week passed, I went on thousands of shows to promote the album and performed the song. So far it has had a good response. Ray thinks that the album will sell really well. 

"I was thinking yesterday, One Direction have a huge amount of fans, so I got in touch with their label and their manager and have arranged for you to open a concert tonight at the 02 arena. Does it sound OK?" Ray asked me. Worrying about my response. 

"Sounds cool, big problem. Liam Payne happens to be my half-brother." I told her, she looked at me with wide eyes.

"You have to be kidding!" she exclaimed. I shook my head. "Even better! You will get so many fans just because you're related to him!" 

"I don't think he knows I even exist." I told her. 

"Well, you somehow need to get it out there that you are." she ordered, I nodded. This is one of her orders I have to obey. 

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