He's The One For Me-1D Fanfic

Louis is my brother. Yes, you all may think I am the luckiest girl ever but it's hard. Especially when you fall in love with his bandmate...


1. Chapter One

I stared at my alarm clock. 10am. Wow, I'd slept in a lot later than I'd planned on. I was surprised that Louis hadn't woken me up already. Suddenly Louis came barging through the door. Spoke too soon. "AMY! Me and the boys and our girls are going out to Nandos tonight, you wanna come?" he shouted. 

"Sure, whatever, I don't mind." I mumbled, wanting him to be quieter for once. Louis walked out, skipping slightly. I got my laptop and dragged it over to my knee and logged into Twitter. I loved being Louis' sister. Most of the time. I got to go on tour, I got nice tweets off loads of Louis lovers and most of all I knew Niall Horan. I loved all the other boys but Niall...he took my breath away. 

At 6pm Louis barged into my room again. "LOU! I COULD HAVE BEEN NAKED!" I yelled.

"But you weren't." Louis replied. I sighed and folded my arms, waiting for him to continue. "Time to get ready little sis!" Louis said. I jumped into the shower and washed my long brown hair and then I dried it, leaving it a slight bit damp but mostly dry. I put into a waterfall plait and got out my favorite blue dress that matched my nails and eyes. I threw it on and shoved my feet in my blue heels. 

We had to go in 2 different cars. Louis, Eleanor, Zayn, Perrie and Harry in one, me Niall, Liam and Danielle in another. Eleanor, Perrie and Danielle were all wearing pretty dresses too. I was sat next to Niall and Danielle was next to Liam in the front. Niall kept complimenting me, making me blush. I looked down and Niall lifted my chin up with his thumb and forefinger and made me look into his amazing eyes. "Don't hide your beautiful face from me!" he whispered. I giggled and he moved a strand of hair from my face. He leaned in to kiss me when we pulled up at Nandos. 

I was sat next to Niall in Nandos too. I ordered the same as him and everyone was talking. We were the only ones in the restaurant as Louis had booked it private for El's birthday. He was so thoughtful. While we were waiting for the food to come, Niall grabbed my hand under the table and laced our fingers together. I smiled and squeezed his hand slightly. Eventually the food got to the table and Niall licked his lips and started wolfing his food down. I was eating mine pretty fast but not as fast as Niall. After we had done we went back out to the cars and me and Niall finally got our kiss.

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