The Goth Babes

Ahhh. Freshman Year at high school, a lovely start.. NOT! Alysha and Minerva are the new girls at school. One Problem: they're goths. There's just something about Alysha though. Does she have a secret? Is she really as gothic as she believes she is or is she actually the complete opposite of the goth she thinks she is. Is she one of the populars?
What happens when One Direction join the school? Can a certain member change Alysha's ambitions? What will happen to Miverva's friendship with her? What about Minerva's side of the story? Her daily life? Her love life?

Find out in... The Goth Babes!

(Blurb modified by Aly (My1dlovestory). Please check out both of our other stories too!)


1. Alysha

Today i'm starting at my new school. I am super nervous going in as a gothic kid. Well, I know there are some people at schools that are gothic too but, i'm Alysha the Gothically Great! Well, I've actually got a reason why I became Gothic. The reason is that I just LOVE being Gothic! Well, catching the usual school bus to school! OMG! I saw this extremely cute Gothic guy in the queue and we ended up sitting next to each other and chatting! He's 16 as well like me! He's new too and apparently, we are in the same class and are mates! He lives about two blocks from my place! YAY!


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