Is this real

Cierra has the perfect life. Just sarcasm, she is bullied at school she doesnt have a father and her mom is away half the time. When she is invited to a party will she meet someone special?


1. Im invited?!

And then right when i fell the prince helped me and.........BEEP BEEP BEEP. Thats just wonderful my alarm woke me up from my dream and now i dont know what happens. I brush my teeth quickly and i get my soccer uniform on grab my duffle bag and keys and head down the road to my soccer game. Im unpopular but that does not mean i am not athletic. My coach is gonna have my head for being late to another game. I am captain of my soccer team in Montoursville PA. I finally got there and my coach yells at me and says“ seriously Frantzy (that is what she calls me) Late for another stinking soccer game, I should remove you from the team, actually 5 laps around the feild now.” God i hated coach Bennet:(. She is so mean. As i finished my last lap i could hear the team laughing and calling me names. Expecially hanna the most popular kid in my school. I got back and someone triped me and the other team was laughing. I was so humiliated i immediately ran to my car and drove home. I plopped down onto the coutch and got a text i got my iPhone and read it it was my friend Chloe, it read

C=chloe. M=me
C- hey chika
M: hey chloe
C:tomorrow i am having a two day party while my parents are out of town
M:im invited
C: R U serious of course your invited
M -REALLY?!?!?!
M cool when should i come??
C- 12:00 you can come early if you want
M- otay!!
C- good bye chica

Authors note:
Sorry short chapter i ran out of time�� bye
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