Twins Kyra and Kira were born and raised as assassins. Their new mission is to assassinate One Direction.... During their mission the boys get close to the girls, and will Kira (with being the nice, understanding twin) fall for one of the boys while Kyra sticks to the mission?


1. New Mission

Kyras POV:

"YES!, finally, a new mission!" Me and my twin sister Kira are technically trained professionals at assassinating. we were pretty much born and raised as a assassin. like really both our mom and dad were ones. if you want to know us more then well here you go..... we love what we do, movies, both have brown hair, green eyes and love it when we get new missions. also, Kira is kind of the smarticle particle with everything. now back to what i was saying earlier... "YES!" Kira shouted, whos next?  "well..." Mr. Nickleson said. "Your new mission is to assassinate One Direction." He explained.  Oh great how is our cousin going to take this, i mean like she loves One Direction. 

"Now girls, you have to get as close to them as you possibly can, copeash? Mr. Nickleson went on.

"Okay" we both said at the same time. 

"You leave to London Tomorrow." He said.

Now you see Kira loves England, last time we went i had to push her onto the plane, she wouldnt budge. Great im going to have to go through that again.

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