A nerd and her glasses

School's hard enough but what happens when you're being bullied? And have no friends to help you out? Well lets just say its traumatizing. One day when Alyssa is being bullied, she meets someone that will defentally help her. Who is he? Niall James Horan .


1. Broken Glasses


As I walk down the hallway and into classroom I encounter a large group of people. Attempting to step foot in the room, someone stopped me. Fixing my poindexter, I looked up.   “Nice glasses geek,” one shouted as they knocked my glasses off my head along with my books. Bending down, I collected my things. Suddenly, I heard glass breaking.    “Have fun trying to see,” another laughed as the teacher walked in.    “Good morning class today we wi-” she began saying then looked at me, “Are you okay mrs. Alyssa?”    “I broke my glasses,” I explained trying to sit down.    “Why don’t you go to the nurse,” she responded waving the pass in the air.     Getting up, I attempted to walk across the room even though I could barely see a thing. Groping the pass I walked towards the door. Instead of walking out I accidentally walked straight into the wall.     Laughter rang through the room.     “Do you need someone to escort you there?” she asked.     “No I’m fine,” I pleated walking out the door and down the hall. I barely made it to the nurses office, when I then bumped into someone.     “I’m sorry,” I whispered looking up.    “No it’s my fault,” a deep Irish accent pleated, “are you alright love?”    Looking up I realized who he was, Niall. Niall James Horan.    “Im f-fine,” I rubbed my eyes in disbelief.   “Are you going to the nurse?” he asked.   “Yea- i-i r-reall-y ca-n’t se-e,” I replied leaning aganist the wall.   “Here I’ll help you in,” he smiled taking my hand and then walking me into the office. I almost died. As we got into the office I could barely see a thing. I was almost blind without my glasses but my heart fluttered as I saw him.   "What seams to be the problem today Alyssa," Nurse Cindy asked me, she was always my favorite worker in this school.   "My glasses shattered and I can't see anything," I explained.    "Well I'm sorry to say that I don't have any replacement glasses for you and I don't have any contacts," she sighed examining my eye making sure there was no glass in it.    "Niall can help you, he has all of your classes," she explained as he held my books.   "Thank-s" I blushed clutching onto his arm, walking out of the office and into my next blocks.     
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