Ice Princess


1. School

"Think deep," repeated Miss Caskik. "What could you be feeling? What do your emotions tell you?"

Waves of ideas are running over me despite the constant sarcasm coming from my friend Lea. I'd watched the titanic - an amazing romance - and now I was writing it in my perspective. Interesting, huh?

I fled the beautiful corridors, tears flooding through my eyes as I had to leave it all behind. My father was not in sight, he never was, for he was always at the smoking room. I pulled myself together as I swam through what used to be the elegant dining room. My wits were about me as I gasped for my last breaths of air. Under, and under I went.

"Classy," said Lea, from over my shoulder.

"Tell me about it," I giggle. Of course Lea thinks its classy ; all she's got written in her book is :

I felt sad as I swam through the terrible debris.

"Not bad," I say, totally not meaning it. Lea takes the hint and drops her pencil.

"I'm not exactly the English freak around here," she snaps.

Thats true. English has been my favourite subject since like, forever. Lea, on the other hand, has as much wits as about Einstein. Seriously. I have to drag her away from our maths room every 3rd period, where she starts talking to Mr Hemmingsworth about products of prime and GCSE algebra. Yuk.

After the bell rings for the end of school I don't even wait for Lea when I rush out. I pull out a snack bar and chomp away hungrily as I make my way down to the deserted bus stop.

I lean against the edge and check my phone. Nothing fancy, of course, just a plain Nokia. Lea has a blackberry with a BBM package, how lucky is she? My dad cant even be bothered to get me one, let alone actually be around town. He's more into travelling for business in China and Hong Kong, so technically my guardian right now is my oldest sister, Faye. She's not even like a guardian - shy, reluctant, totally into her studies. I guess she is kind of pretty, (with her staright blonde hair and geeky glasses), but she takes no intention of wearing make up of jewellery. Not at all like my other sister, Scarlett.

And boy, what a typical sister she is. The total opposite of Faye - arrogant, spiteful, beatiful red curls to match her rosy cheeks and obsessed with looking good. To be honest, Faye's a lot better than her. She's been asked out heaps of times, unlike me and Faye. Well, I did get asked out once, but that was in year 5, by this snotty know-it-all, Simon Whitsnip. Doesnt even count.

On the other side of the street, Imogen Ferrel is staring at me. No, not staring, glaring at me. A shiver runs through my spine as I wave at her.

"Hi," she replies back icily.

Me and Imogen were friends in primary. Till' I broke up with my best friend, Gemma, who tagged along with her best friend, Niamh. So we tagged along to make them jealous. We became best friends - she would help me with maths, I would stand up to the bullies who called her spoilt and a teachers pet. That worked out fine until secondary school, where I met Lea. We were dying to be best friends, and then Imogen said I wasnt spending enough time with her, and to really flip things around, started hanging out with Gemma and Niamh. That totally did it for me, so I blanked her. Completely. Until we became partners in our English project. I remember sitting by our English desk and remembering sitting next to the same, pretty, funny girl in primary school. A girl who I cared for. Someone I could talk to. And when I turn around to face the same girl two years later, all that comes into my head is hate and revenge.

I guess thats a bit much about my life. Oh, and I love to ice skate. I take ice skating lessons at an open skating club. They call me the ice princess. 

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