Missing from the world

Abby has been having a hard time at home and wanted to take time off. She decided to take it with her closest friend, Harry. What will happen with the two?


1. Enjoying the company of each other

"I'm going out mom.", Abby yelled as she grabbed her coat.

Her mother didn't respond, and Abby decided to take her leave anyway.

The scent of rain filled her nose with memories of her last vacation. Memories of her first encounter of her long time crush, Harry Styles. 

It was winter and Abby's family decided to visit a lake despite the weather. Abby put her earphones in and relaxed in front of the lake. She needed this escape from her home..school.. friends.. Abby wanted complete serenity. 

Her deep thoughts were interupted by footsteps from behind her. She craned her neck to see who it was. She didn't know the boy, but he was awfully adorable with his disheveled hair style and bright eyes.

"Name is Harry.", The boy said claiming the seat next to Abby. Abby removed her earphones and was slightly disappointed in the interference of her peace time.

"Abby.", She stook out her hand and Harry shook it happily. 

The memories all came waving over her as she stood outside her house. It has been 2 years since then, and Abby missed it so  much. 

She reached in coat and pulled out her cellular device. She dialed Harry's number, and waited in the cold rainy day which she enjoyed very much.

"Harry! Are you on your way?" Abby asked curiously.

As soon as she asked, Harry's car pulled up and the window rolled down. Still on the phone, Harry responded.

"Yeah, I'm here alright.", Abby laughed and quickly got in the front seat. This is one of the reasons she really liked Harry. But she was unsure of how he felt for her.


The roadtrip was relaxing. Just Harry and Abby, visiting the place where it all began. Her heart fluttered when she thought of the memories. She glanced at Harry who was also smiling which made Abby wonder what he was thinking about.

"What you thinking about?" Abby asked.

"Just about the first time I met you.. The many adventures we had at that lake.", Harry kept his eyes on the road but kept smiling too.

Abby's heart thumped. "Oh..Same here.", she chuckled.




The two finally arrived at the lake after a 3 hour drive. Abby immediately got out of the car and stretched.

"Aaahhhh! such fresh air!" Harry yelled and he stretched along side Abby.

It has been 2 years since they visited and nothing changed. The locked up pool was still locked up, The cabins were still cute as they were two years ago, the squeaky swing set still squeaked, and the barren place was still barren. Relaxing.

"Tag! you're it!" Abby playfully hit Harry's shoulder and running off like a child.. Just like they did two years ago.

"Hey!"Harry was motionless. He was debating whether he should run after Abby or close the car doors before someone will steal their luggage. Harry decided to run after Abby, leaving the car exposed.


The two remained this way for the rest of the day.  Playing like children, avoiding the stress from back home, and just simply enjoying the company of each other..


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