"The only way you can know just how great it is to have a friend, is to lose one."- Unknown; Sally and Leon are both doing the same thing when they meet: Running away. So, they take on their journey together. A story of Adventure, fate, love and hate. A story that I assure you, will both heal your heart and make it melt. A story of two kids who just want to be loved, a story of two kids who don't just find each other by chance, a story of two kids who finally discover hope.


1. Runaway

When Sally left she was eleven years old.   I believe it was the the 25th of November.  Many people wondered why she left, I mean,  she was a pretty girl.  Hazel hair and beautiful, dark blue eyes.  The only flaw she had was the large scar on her upper arm.  

Although Sally lived in southern Canada, which could get quite hot sometimes, she would never wear tee shirts.  The wound was unknown to everyone.  Of course, Sally herself, was unknown to everyone.  Although no one knew much about Sally, the boys were always trying to get her attention.  But, Sally didn't care about them.  Sally, had enough on her hands.

Then, there was Leon.  Leon was liked, by no one.  His parents had died when he was young and he was forced to go into foster care.  It was the 28th of November when he ran.  He was twelve.  Now, Leon was in grade seven at the time and was the smartest kid in his class.  He was also in the (foster) care of the McLone family.  He was the only foster child, the middle child and the least athletic.  The McLone family was a family of seven, but they called it six and a half, Leon was the half.

On the day Sally left, the sky was covered in a layer of mist.  She felt it the perfect time.  Her father was scolding her for being late, when she got up, out of her seat and left the house.  Her dad tried to run after her, but it was no use, for, when he called her name, she just ran faster.

When Leon left it was the dead of night.  He watched his foster siblings run down for dinner, as he lay there, on his bed studying for his Algebra test the next day. 

"Hey half, feeling sorry for yourself, no dinner tonight, no dinner ever."  One of Leon's brothers had said, just about to go down stairs to the beautiful steak that awaited him.  Tears began to form in Leon's eyes.  "What's wrong?  Miss mommy and daddy, well, mommy and daddy aren't coming back."

Leon couldn't take it.  He planned to leave that night.  He packed his bags and was gone, with but a note on the fridge, to remind his foster 'family' of what could of been:

The runt ran away.  I guess you

will no longer be shamed with telling your friends

that you have six and a half kids.  Don't bother

looking, deep inside you're happy I'm gone.



The world these two children were about to step into was a scary one.  But soon enough they would find each other.  Soon enough, they would finally trust someone.  

As Sally walked she watched her cold breath make patterns in the air.  She had run for at least a kilometre and felt as though she was safe.  She lay down on the hard ground and half smiled.  She looked up at the stars and found the biggest one, to far left.  She closed her eyes and grabbed her heart.  She said to herself:

"The big star shall guide me there, it shall love and comfort me and keep me safe, then, when I'm ready, it shall let me go." It was the last words Sally's mother ever said to her.  Sally's mom loved her, that was the second last time she had been loved.  Her mom died of cancer when she was seven years old.  After her mom died her dad, practically forgot about her.  Sally's father never seemed to love her.  He spent all his time at the office and when he was home, he was always scolding her.

Leon wandered the woods near his house.  He didn't dare sleep, for he was afraid someone would find him and he would be forced to go back to that awful place.  Leon didn't mind running away, for he never felt love and, therefore had nothing to miss.  So, he couldn't help but smile when he saw an angry raccoon, nearing him, with fierce eyes and even fiercer teeth.  He couldn't help but laugh when he felt the raccoons teeth clench his hand.

The wound was deep, on Sally's arm.  As she fell asleep, on the cold, hard ground she saw that day once again. 

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