Always Remeber Me

NOTE***** This is a non famous fanfic!
Louis and Alyssa have been friends since they were 5. They lived next to eachother in Doncaster. But when she moved away, did Louis forget her? She returns and goes to find out.


1. Childhood Memories

Alyssa's Point: ~FLASHBACK~

8 years old~~''Come on Louis! It's this way!'' I took him by the hand and pulled him through the forest. ''How much farther?'' he whined. I sighed. ''We're here!'' I let go and hopped on a branch. There are a couple branches like swings I found. ''Hop on.'' He got on another. ''These are so cool!'' I laughed at his excited face as he began to swing back and forth. It was I sunny day and I decided this was the best time to show him this place. "You like it?'' I asked. He smiled at me. ''Oh yeah!'' I laughed again because he looked like a 5 year old. 


13 years old~~''What do you want to do today?'' Louis asked me. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining. ''How about... football?'' I asked. He nodded and went to get his ball. We stood in my yard, deciding rules. ''First to 5 wins.'' I said He smiled and said, ''Ok, if you win, I'll give you 5 pounds. If I win..... you kiss me.'' I laughed, ''You're on!'' We played. I scored once, twice, three times until he got one goal. I scored 2 more, causing him to lose. ''YES!!!'' I shouted. He handed me 5 pounds. ''Here.'' he said pouting. ''Don't be sad.'' I told him. Then, I kissed his cheek. ''Happy?'' He chuckled. ''Yep.''


16 years old~~I was packing my boxes to move. Louis came walking in. ''Hey.'' he said suddenly. ''I came to say bye.'' I turned around and saw his eyes tearing up. ''I'll miss you.'' he told me. I sighed, ''I'll miss you too Lou.'' I walked towards him. ''But I can visit....maybe.'' He looked down. ''What's wrong?'' I asked. ''He looked up, tears on his face. ''I-I'm afraid you'll forget me.'' I laughed. ''Lou, I could never forget you. You were my first friend. We have history. Good memories. I'd never throw that away.'' I told him. He wasn't convinced, ''But you'll just find new friends.'' I lifted his chin. ''Louis, I won't forget you.'' Then, I kissed him on the lips. ''How will that help?'' he asked me. I smiled, ''I kissed you first. It'll always be that way. Now I'll never forget you. You're my  Boobear.'' I really meant those words.

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