Isabella and Samantha where average teenage girls. They were both 18. they best friends, but little did they know they woould fall inlove with to handsome guys and their local park. Isabella fell head over heels with a boy Niall, who proclaimed he was in a band called one direction. Samantha fell inlove with a handsome young boy named Harry, he was also in the band with Niall. Will their love last?


1. strangers

My names isabella. I have a best friend named Samantha. We're both 18. we're both your pretty typical teenage girls. we both live in england. we both have brothers. i live with my dad, my mum divorced my dad when i was 14. im fine with living with my with my dad, he gives me the space i need. samantha and i agreed not to date until we're postive we've found the one boy we're compatible with. samanthat and i decided to meet at the local park for some alone time from our families.

"sam, u sure ur not gonna be cold in that dress?" i asked.

"nah, aslong as i look cute!"

i rolled my eyes, knowing how girly she is. i took notice in some rather cute boys i saw at the other side of the park. i turned to look at samantha. i saw she took notice in them to.

"bella, are u looking?" she questioned.

"yes." i replied.

"lets go say hi!" she said ethusciasticaly.

"w...wait!!!" i screamed, but she was already walking over there.

i didnt want to go over there. first of all since we promised we wouldnt date until we found "the one", second of all i get pretty nervous and shy around boys. she skipped over there like a little girls. i put my hands in my pocket of my hoodie, as i walked rather slowly over to her and the boys.

"hello!" she yelled in the brown haired boys face.

"hi...." he replied back.

"whats ur name?"she questioned.

"im harry, harry styles"he replied holding his hand out for her to shake.

"im samantha, u can call me sam or sammy tho!" she said shaking his firm hand.

i saw she was busy talking to the rather handsome boy. so i leaned up againts the tree nearby. only to be scared, and falling to the ground. i turned around to see a beautiful blonde boy with blue eyes. he proclaimed his name was niall and he was from ireland. he had scared me, but helped me up with his strong but caring hands. we sat on the bench close by and chatted away.

"so ur names isabella?" he questioned.

"yes" i replied, i was getting very nervous.

"i like that name, but can i call u bella?" he smiled.

"sure, thats what all my friends to call" i smiled back.

i lookes into his big blue eyes. i felt very uncomfortable as his eyes stared into mine. he could see i was uncomfrotable so he quickly turned away. i felt bad, i didnt mean fro him to turn away, i was just very nervous.

samanthas POV:

as i peered into harry's eyes, i started to feel sweat coming on. i wanted to talk to isabella so bad, so she could calm me down. so i told harry i would be right back. i dragged isabella behind the tree.

"i think harry might be the one" samantha said.

"are u crazy?!? u just met him!!!!" i proclaimed.

"i know but theres something about him" she smiled.

"i think theres something about niall to.....but i dont want to rush" i whispered.

we went back to our conversations with the boys.

"bella, i think ur a pretty sweet girl... so i would like to take u out on a date, theres no need to rush tho, u can decline...." he asked.

"sure niall i woudl love to" i smiled.

i gave him my number and he gave me his. he said he would pick me up tomorrow around 4:00 pm in the afternoon. he kissed me cheeck, and yelled to harry.

"HARRY!!! we have to go reharse for the concert" he yelled.

"hold on a minute" harry yelled back.

he seemed very into the conversation he had with sam. niall and i stood there looking at them.

"can i take u out sometime?" harry asked sam.

"sure, heres my number" sam replied back.

"see u later beautiful" he stated.

i giggled. i saw the red sprout into sams cheeks. she looked like she had never been happier. we said godbye to the boys. sam and i just sat there and talked about how perfect they acted, looked, and seemed. we thought that they were the ones. but i was still weary about the promise i made her. they might not be the ones, and we promised each other we wouldnt date until we were postive we found the ones. i wanted to deeply find out if niall and harry were the ones for us.

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