My Heart Belongs to You

Lana Fox is your average high school girl until one day when she meets a special boy. That is when her life will change completely.


1. Going to dads House

Chapter 1

  Lana's POV...

             Hi my name is Lana Fox, I have brown hair and green eyes. I am not your type of girl that will go and get my nails painted. Since my parents are divorced I have to go to my dads house this week. I love my dad don't get me wrong I love my dad but I am the only girl in the house. This time so I wouldn't be lonely I asked my friend Kara to go. Kara has brown curly hair and hazel eyes. She is very tall, she is 5''9. I finally got finished packing so I went down to my car its a red Camaro with red and black interior. Since my dad has money he bought it for me a month ago. Kara only lives five minutes away so it didn't take long to get there. I pulled up at Kara's house and walked right into her house. " Hi honey I'm home" I yelled, I heard her walking down the stairs and up to me. Kara's parents are both doctors so when she said she wanted to move out a year ago they bought her a house. She is 19 years old when I am only 18.  We put Kara's stuff in her yellow with black racing stripes Camaro. She doesn't know the way to my dads house so she is going to follow me.

                                                                **15 minutes later**

             We finally got to my dads house and he wasn't here. I walked into the kitchen and saw a note that said:

                                        I had to go and get my new clients I am sorry

                                         I wasn't here when you got here but I should

                                         be home any time it wont take long

                                     ps. I want you to meet someone.




The first thing that came to mind is he has a girlfriend but I didn't want to jump to conclusions. Kara and I went upstairs to unpack our clothes. Once we were almost finished I heard the front door open then close again. "Lana I'm home" my dad yelled, "I'm coming dad". Kara and I walk downstairs but when we get half way Kara tripped falling the rest of the way down. Kara is a very clumsy. I took off running down the stairs to make sure she was ok. When I got downstairs I seen a blonde headed boy and a brown curly headed boy helping her up. When Kara got up she said thank you and stood by me. We still didn't get a good look at there faces until now and we realized it was Harry Styles and Niall Horan from One Direction(Kara and I are huge fans so you can guess how hard this is for us) I kept my cool but Kara didn't. She ran upstairs and started to freak out. "Kara get your butt down here and don't freak out" I yelled, Harry and Niall laughed. "I'm coming" she yelled

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