Truly (The English version)

This story is going to be separated in 3 distinct movellas : Truly, Madly, Deeply.
A simple concert could change 4 girls lives. Emie, the main character, is Constance's big sister. Rose & Jade, Emie's best friends, will be with her all along the story. A story about pure friendship, almost family, that may morph into love... Up to you to find out ! Surprises, laughs, fights, love and deception are waiting for you. I hope that you're going to enjoy my story. On this, good read !
[I'm not an official translator, I'm just a girl translating my friend's movella for her, so if I make a mistake or if something doesn't make sense, I'm very sorry :(]
Credit to the original ''Truly'' movella goes to : Jaa.xo | She's is an AMAZING francophone writer ! If you speak french, check her out, worth your time !


1. Descriptions

Um, to be honest, I've never known how to present myself without looking stupid. I'll do my possible. Anyway. I'm Emie Hutchers. I'm 16 years old. My long brown hair, always too straight, causes me a lot of problems. My eyes, that everybody love expect for me, are dark blue. Like the night. That sounded to poetry-like for me. Let's get back to our sheep, nah, I'm kidding ! The only thing I like about myself are my millions of freckles. They give me personality. I have a burn on my neck, that I always try to hide with my hair. It reminds me of bad memories... I'm average size, nothing interesting. Unfortunately, I'm very shy. But I can be very outgoing and crazy when I know the people with whom I'm with. Matter of time, really. I dance, do poetry and work in a travel agency. Yet, I hate traveling. I don't really have a sense of style. It's one of my best friend's that helps me : Jade. She's a real top model, really, it's her job. She takes pictures for all sorts of magazines. She's very pretty. Her blond is curls perfectly. I envy her a lot. She's very tall, has the perfect curves and long legs. She's very tanned. She's never had a boyfriend. She supposedly hates guys, I find her a little bit weird on that subject. Her sparkling grey eyes remind me of 7-Up, nah, just kidding ! She's a cheerleader, a flyer to be specific. She's super flexible. My other best friend, Rose, is as magnificent as Jade. Red hair falling in her back, it literally looks like fire. Her bangs cut straight across her forehead make her green is pop. She's shorter that Jade. Rose is romantic, but far from being shy. She has a huge group of friends that she always tries to include me in. And each time without any results. I'm to shy to be have a big group of people around me. She does ballet, and what's to make it her career. Her mom is rich, very rich, after winning the lottery. She helped us when my parents lost their two jobs (long story...). She paid the house, the clothes and the food. She's like my second mom, or my first, I really like her. Rose is a secretary for the classiest hotel in town : Corinthia. She drives a gold Lamborghini Aventador. I'm jealous of her for that. My car isn't bad either though. Rose's mother, Caroline, gave me it for my sweet 16. She's a very nice person. My car, a blue Ferrari Enzo, makes a lot of heads turn ! And I hate that. As shy as I am, each look makes my face even redder. Especially if it's his...





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