My Supernatural Friends... Dangerous?...or not

Welcome to VHA Academy! This isn't just some normal school you're probably thinking right now. The school holds dark secrets that lasted for more then 200 years. Will it finally be out? What might happen if it does? Who'll be in danger and who will not?

What happens when 3 different kinds of creatures fall in love with each other? Or more? What happens when 1 or more gets killed? Are sacrifies sometimes worth it? Read it to find out.


1. Craving For Blood

Melanie's P.O.V.

12:17. I looked on my wrist watch before walking out of my dorm. I closed the door quietly so I don't wake up my roommate Gracie up. I was hungry and the only way I knew how to fix it is to kill... Slowing sinking  my teeth into their skin and sucking up all their blood.

Hunger quickly took over my body as I searched through the dark alley. I could sense that someone was near. Hunger took over again as I raced for the human pushing him against the wall. A quiet wimper left his mouth as I pushed him harder against the war.

I looked into my prey's eyes, a beautiful pair of green eyes. But at the same time, it was filled with fear and anger. He looked familiar and that's when it hit me. Harry, Harry Styles. He thinks he's so great and all he cares is popularity. I looked at him closely, I never really checked his features but he's pretty hot. I noticed another few people walking down the alley so I let the pretty boy go after I compelled him to not tell anyone about this. He won't be so lucky the next time.

I raced for the black haired man and pushed him on the wall. He must've thought I was someone asking to fuck him so he started kissing down my neck. Eww! Gives me more reasons to get rid of him. I slowly bit into his neck and he tried to fight me. I hardly pushed him against the wall and sucked the blood out of his body. His so called "friends" just stook there frozen. My stomach growled signaling me that I was still hungry and they soon ran away from me. I raced up and grabbed all of them once and bit their neck. I finished feeding and walked back to dorm. I felt as someone was watching me but I thought it was just my imagination. I slipped into my bed and sleep took over.


I woke up the next morning to see Gracie all over the room yelling for me to get up. She moved the curtain to let the light shine into the dim room. Since I wasn't wearing my ring or necklace that protect me from the sun, my face got burned a bit. I moved the cover over my face so Gracie wouldn't notice. She was human, from what I know yet. The burn quickly recovered as I removed the blanket from my face and got out of bed.

"Finally, the queen decides she needs to wake up." Gracie said sarcastically as I rolled my eyes at her.

I rushed over to my closet and picked out a cute outfit. I wore a random top and my favorite cardigan with my pink skirt. I wore my pink sandals and some extremely cute accessories. I walked over to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. After I was done with everything, I grabbed my Louis Vuitton bag from my bean bag and walked out with Gracie.

We chatted as we made our way to campus. This was my Junior year at VHA Academy and so was my best friend Violet's. I studied law and music and she studies dance and music. We would normally go to the small cafe near campus after we finish with our lectures for the day. And everyday, I would have to see the annoying face of Harry Styles. But after last night, I might've took a little liking to him. Who knows? We could end up as couples... Joking! If I had the chance, I wouldn't date that little prick who think he's the best and knows everything.

I waved goodbye to Gracie as I walked in the halls of the school. Vampires, Angels and other supernaturals. I could just sense it.

Before you get confused, let me explain. I'm Melanie Louise Harris, vampire. A pureblood to be specific. This school isn't just for humans only, it was for humans and all other supernaturls like vampires, angels, werewolves, witches and whatnot. I'm not really old, just like other 18 year olds. No one knows except for us vampires that this school is filled with supernaturals. No one knew, and no one ever will... Unless...

I got to my first class before the bell rang. I walked to the back of the room, where I always sat. The teacher walked in and started teaching but I soon fell asleep.

Written by ~1Direction_Lover~

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