The Gift

Alex isnt your ordinary teenager, she has a very special gift ( to talk to the dead) sadley people bully her for it. also who she thought was one of her bffs ( guy who HAD some feelings for her) dicides to leave her because he wants to stay high up in popularity. but when she goes to a One Direction concet and bumps into the one and only Louis William Tomlinson, can he cheer her up and convice her that her gift is very special and she can and will be loved?????......


1. into

Alexs POV:

Hi, im Alex now im not that ordinary teen you see on the street, i have a very special gift...... to talk to the dead. I have brown wavy hair, chocolate brown eyes, 5"7, 19, skinny but not model skinny and last but not least i am very insecure. I did live in America but since its my family they decided to move to London, England. That was a mistake, all my "Friends" were complete jerks to me sometimes, and the one guy i trusted left me for popularity, some friend huh. Anyways i got home to text him you know stuff and hes like Jon:):

"Stop texting me all you want is attention!!!!"

What how could he say that, i dont need attention just real friends.

Jons POV:

Ugh, Alex is so annoying all she does is text me for attention, you know what ill just end this friendship the hard way,


"Stop texting me all you want is attention!!!!"


WHAT!!! how dare you say that, i never wanna see you again!!!!

Hahaha, well thats taken care of, now popularity here i come.

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