what if?

what If James actually turned bella into a vampire in twilight? what if she could never see charlie agian? well heres how i think it woill all go down. COMMENT YOUR THOUGHTS PLEASE!!


1. burning

i screamed as someoe set fire to me. Why would someone do this to me? i thought. "edward!" i screamed. "my love it will be over soon." he panted. "carlisle do we have anyother options?" Edward asked "im afraid not my son. The venom has already set its too late." i heard him say. Im dying, someone set fire to me and now its all over my life. I screamed again i could feel edward shake and then relax. "edward, we've gotm hes dead." Alice whisperd. "Where didi jazz and emmitt go?" edward asked but that was the last thing i heard because the firey death had overcame me and i felt nothing

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