forever young (zayn malik love story)

(ok so once i did do a love story about him but i deleted it but i won't delete this one) hello lovely's

names Liliana Higgins. but call me lily

yes my dad is Paul Higgins.

but i never get to see him cause my parrent's cause i live with my mom in Norway.

yes i speak Norwegian.

um yeah i just turned 15 last week woop woop!!!!!!

and my favorite Red

i have one dog named Romeo he's a puppy now hes a beagel

i love to sing and dance and LOVE TO DRAW i'm actually in Cheer leading at my school

i don't let anyone know i sing besides my two best friends Tony and Ashleigh

yeah i'm in theater and in choir at my school but i don't get solos cause i have terrible stage fright

actually none as the rich one in the school but i'm not even that popular i mean i have 2 friends they call us the 3 musketeers at school

i do have a british accent but most of the time i'm not speaking english

my mom is actually none fore being a famouse brain surgeon or something like that


1. chapter 1


Lily's POV 

i woke up with my alram blasting in my ear. so grabbed my pillow and hit it, i heared a loud crash, and looked to see a broken Alram clock.

there go's another one. then remembering that i had school today, so i turned over and sighed  in my pillow i really hate school.

bully's, homework, learning, i mean the only good part is getting to see your friends. 

Lily, Ashleigh er her" my mom yelled. (if you can't understand it just translate it in google) *lily,ashleigh is her* 

i then hear my door open to reveal my best friend, i put the covers over my whole body, only to get them pulled off. 

Lily får opp du må gå til skolen" she said *lily get up you have to get ready for school*.

"Jeg, vil ikke" i said. *i don't want to" 

"uhhhhh, don't make me do it" another reason why i love her she can also speak english. 

" you wouldn't" i said, in my brittish accent. 

" i won't if you just get up" she said. 

" fine" i said and got up. i then reached for my closet and got dressed in a vintage Crochet Smock shirt,Ribon aztec leggings, and a pair of purple vans. 
   and let my brenett hair go natural curls,  i then was dragged down stairs bye ash i call her ash some times.

after i was done eating 
breakfast, me an ash headed out the door to walk to school. 

"så skal vi gjøre en annen video i morgen" she asked? (so are we gonna make another video tomorrow) 

"planlegging på det"i told her (planing on it) the next thing i know some one jumps out of the bush and ash fell to the ground while i just stood there looking at Tony 

" really" i said. we usually speak English to him him since he just moved her in 6th grade which was 3 years ago and he only knows how to speak a little bit of Norwegian.

" yes really" he said.

" come on ash" i said reaching out my hand, she took it and got up.

"thanks"she said.

"no problem, now lets go" i said as we all linked arms.

after walking like almost a mile we were  in front of the school so we walked in and tony wen't his way while me and ash wen't to are lockers which were next to each other. when we hear a locker get slam and hear people say fight over an over again. ughgghg another one. 

i turned around to see who matt and jack were going to beat the crap out of some one this see it was Tony. Fuck 

i go over there and push through the croud 

" heeey, jack, matt" i say 

flytte lilje" Matt said. (move Lily) 

i have hated them so much since 6th grade while they were in 8th. 

"NO" i yelled! 

"ja du ludder flytte ut av veien" Victoria said i also hated her. (yeah move you slut) 

"sier en som ikke kunne gjøre det i cheer leder føre henne, men var å jævla stor" i told her (says the one who could not make it in cheer leading cause her but was to fucking huge) 

she got pissed and got in my face 

"how about you just go back were you came from" she said speaking in english 

i looked down " ha what a joke, you cry anytime we do something mean to you, just like when Matt told you to just grow up and become a prostitute" she said 

that day why did she have to say that reason why i hate matt and jack i had a huge crush on both of them but all they did was be cruel to me. 

"says the one who want's to sleep with him" i said, i was now in her face" yeah well geuss what he's a crush and you wanna no why they call it that cause there always going to crush you at the end btw your the slut" i said 

she then pushed me out of the way and punched Tony in face , there goes a broken nose 

then matt and jack started beating him 

" STOP" i said as i punched Victoria in the face and she fell and hit her head...then Matt stopped and so did Jack Matt went to her and leaned down to her 

" WHAT THE HELL LILY" Jack yelled 

" i'm just doing the same damage you did to me in middle school" i said 

then Victoria got up and slapped me across the face really hard. i pushed her against the locker and was about to punch 

" you do that your little friend is dead" Matt said 

Hva skjer HER" the principle yelled! (what's going on here)  

then matt through Tony to the ground. me and ash ran down to him 

Sir vi gikk bare til er klasser når Lily kommer sammen og truer oss og alle ble banket opp" Jack says (Sir we were just walking to are classes when Lily comes along and threatens us and were all beaten up) 

hva som er en løgn" i said (what thats a lie) 

" LILY MY OFFICE NOW" he yelled. 

" BUT" i said 

" KNOW BUTS" he yelled again 

i then walked to the office

i was waiting for my mom to get out of the principles office. then she walks out angry. 

" let's go" she said.  in a really angry voice. we got in the car and she started to drive. 

"why did you do this to me agian" she said, oh yeah i do get in trouble alot even though i did not do anything wrong 

" mom you know i did not do it" i say 

" well because of you Victoria has a broken nose and got 30 stiches in her head...and not only that they kicked you out" she says 

" i'm sending you to your dads...i'm gonna call him when we get home and you are grounded from your phone and internet" she says 

" BUT MOM" i yell. 

" DON"T BUT MOM ME , YOU ARE GROUNDED AND I CAN"T HANDLE YOU ANY MORE" she yelled back we parked in front of the house so i got out slammed the car door an ran to my room and slammed the door. 

i grabbed my guitar and headed to my balcony (the round one with the piano) i started to strum and ended up singing 


i then wen't back to my room and put my guitar in my case. then i hear a nock on my door. 

" what" i said, and my mom comes in. 

" start packing your dad will be here in the morning" she said 

" can i have Tony and Ash come and help me" i asked? " or am i grounded from that to" 

" no your not, you can invite them over..and since it's your last night here i'll let you use your phone an enternet" she said 

i smiled and she left i then called tony an Ash over.....want's they got here we started packing. 

" i can't believe your mom is doing this" Ash said 

" i can't believe, that Jack would lie and get me kicked out" i said. 

" Lily i'm so sorry" Tony said 

" don't be" i said 

" i know but if i did not get my self into that mess you would not be leaving" he said, i then gave him a hug 

" it was not your falt...and besides i promis to come and visit as much as possible"i said and i let go. 

" hey since you won't be her tomorrow wanna make a video now" Ash said, i nodded and we headed to the balcony.

i had Tony film and Ash play Piano while i was at the micro phone. 

"and go" tony said. 

" hey guys it's Lily here, and since it's my last day in norway..i have tony filming and Ash playing piona and i'm gonna be singing you lost me by Christina Aguilara hope you guys like" i said 

and sang it 

after that Tony turned off the  camera 

then both of them tackled me in a hug.  

" we will see you tomorrow before you leave" Ash said. 

" we love you" Tony said 

" i love you guys to" i said and then they left. 

i decided to skip dinner and just go to bed so i took a shower and changed into a H&M set shorts and top but before i went to sleep i asked my mom something

"hey mom am i taking Romeo with me" i asked? 

" yes i told your father that you had a puppy and he said he did not mind" i sighed in realeaf 

i then picked up romeo and headed to my room and went to sleep 

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