Masquerade Ball (13+)

Willow attends London High where One Direction just happens to attend, she's never been one to talk to people her little brother Ben and his cancer and her older brothers death has made her un easy but whn she goes to the Masquerade Ball at school she happens to be the best looking one there. And a certain Curly haired boy finds Her, will he be able to change her un easiness? Can she trust Harry? When Harry introduces her to his friends will a certain Striped member give him help on the trust meter? Will the group of friends be good for Willow or bad? Will love happen? Will a love triangle start? Possible more than a triangle? Will more than 2 or 3 members fall for Willow?
*May contain course language and sexuality, graphic sex scenes if you are not 13 or older please don't read, well read at your own risk.*


1. The Ball

=Willow's POV=

I put on my black lace mask and fix my gray strapless dress that had black laces over it it hugged my barely there curves and my thin body I slipped on my matching heels and got in my car I parked in the parking lot of the school and walk into the gym I feel eyes on me I fix my black bracelet (The one in the cover) and walk towards the drink table I glance around as people stare at me I reach the table and poor myself some punch and begin to sip out of the red solo cup when I feel someone's presence beside me I glance over and see a boy in black dress pants black dress shoes and a black dress shirt with the sleeves pushed up to a elbows and a gray bow tie
"How convenient we match" he says
"Look at that" I said taking another sip
"You know your the best looking girl in this gym" he said I look at him
"Thank you" I said being polite it's not my fault guys make me un easy. I look up and see his green eyes through his black mask I looked down at the floor
"You don't seem very happy" he said
"It's it you it's...." I trail off
"dance with me" he said I look up at him he slightly smiles
"I don't know I'm not a good dancer" I said he grabbed my hands gently
"I'll show you" he said Ed Sheeran's Give Me Love started to play I nodded and he led ,e out to the dance floor he put one hand on my back and one linked with mine to the side of us I out my on his back as he spun slowly as we stepped side to side
"Your dancing" he said smiling
"I am" I said finding a hint of a smile of my face
"Your quite good." He says kindly
"Thank you" I said that's when I step on his foot
"I'm sorry" I said as he grunted with pain
"It's ok, your a new dancer" he said as we continued to dance
"Are you sure?" I asked
"Yeah it's alright, I don't really know your name, can you tell me?" He asked
"Willow" I said
"Willow....?" He pushed me for more
"Willow Stuart" I said
"And yours?" I ask I already know his name he's from that boy band
"Harry Styles" he says
"Well nice meeting you" I said
"Same with you" he says
"Your very polite" I said
"Thanks, whats your family like?" He asks this is when I get un easy
"I um have to go" I said letting go of his hand and slipping away from his hand, I began to walk away
"Willow wait!" He calls after me I don't stop I step out into the cool night I drop my keys I kneel down and get them and them I feel someone's hand on my waist I turn around
"What did I say?" It was Harry
"Nothing I just have to go" I said
"Please stay with me" he said he put his other hand on my waist the warmth of his hands felt kinda of good I had to admit.
"I can't" I said
"Please" he said I looked him in the eyes for a moment and leaned in and kissed him on the cheek
"Bye Harry" I said and walked away, something had happened between me and him but I couldn't tell what it was.

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