Lost in the Past

Isabella is a crazy 20 year old who follows her own rules. Everything changed when her friend, Amber, gets kidnapped. Isabella decides to take matters into her own hands and track them down. When she finally gets to the kidnappers, things take an unexpected twist. Now she is being hunted by the cops while she is searching for her friend. Can Isabella get Amber back? Can she figure out why they targeted Amber? When the truth slips out, is the reason why Amber was taken for something she did or something Isabella did. The truth lies in the past...


1. Coming Clean

I stare at the silver table in front of me and bang my head down. I'm at the police station covered in bruises and cuts. This is all such a mess. I feel like every time I try to get out, I got buried deeper in my problems. How could I let this go so far?! I wipe the dry tears off my face. I've been crying for so long it hurts. Suddenly I remember where I am. I blink out all the thoughts in my mind and see the officer. She is a tall, African American woman with long black hair. I flipped my eyes to her uniform and read her name tag. Officer Pollen. She looks exhausted. I gaze up at the clock and realize it's 1 AM. I feel bad for keeping her at work when she probably wants to be home with her family, if she has one. I had one. Had to abandon them too. 

"Well why don't you start from the beginning young lady," she said with a disappointed motherly face.

I sigh and stare at the floor. Would she understand? Nobody ever has since that night. I've never trusted anyone ever since. The thing is, well. No one has really trusted me either. After awhile of silence I look up and say, "The whole thing?". 

"Yes, straight from the moment you left the house for the party." 

I look back down at the floor. Maybe I should tell her. I'm already going to jail for while because of what I've already done. I guess it's finally time to come clean.

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