Wild Rose

Charlotte was abondoned by her mother when she started showing abnormal behavior at the age of three. The reason being: She's a shinigami.

Authors note: I recommend that you watch/Read the kuroshitsuji series (more commonly known as Black Butler) If you don't, I don't think you will understand much of this, as it is a fanfic after all. And for future reference, Shinigami means reaper (grim reaper) in japanese. I am using this term because it corresponds with the actual anime/manga. Oh, and Anime is the stuff you watch, Manga is the comic version.


1. Introductions

"Yes M'lady, I shall do that straight away." I said to Madame Red, and bowed my head in respect

"While you're at it, tell Grell to make some tea for my nephew and I." Madame Red said to me as I turned to face her again.

"You mean that the young lord, Ciel Phantomhive is visiting you today? How pleasant!" I responded to her comment smiling as I  hurried off to the kitchens.

"Grell, Madame asked for you to prepare tea today, For the young master is visiting today. You must be so very delighted to hear of this, as I know of the crush you have gained on that demon butler." I told him, with a hint of displeasure at the hint of the young lord's butler, Sebastian Michaelis.

"Well Charlotte, you seem to know me best of anyone, I did raise you after all!" Grell laughed and I giggled a bit too.

My name is Charlotte Sutcliff, the adopted daughter of Grell Sutcliff. Ever since my mother had abandoned me on the streets when I had only just grasped the concepts of speech. I hated having to hide my red hair, as did Grell. I don't call Grell "Father" because seeing as he looks twenty eight/twenty nine at the first glance, it would bring a deep displeasure should anyone hear about it. The only people that know of our real relationship are us and Madame Red. When the Madame hired Grell as her butler, she knew of his true origins, as a shinigami, as she imposed that he should tell his true self to her. She was delighted when Grell found me on the streets, as she could have raised me with her morales and expectations, but Grell insisted that he raise me, to the extent where he even got into such great arguments that I would cry, and they would both stop bickering at once. I have always had the same red hair as Grell and Madame Red, but the Madame insisted for Grell and I to wear wigs, for the sake of reputation, which matters ever so much to a lady in this day and age. I am the mistress's thirteen year old maid, with an everpresent distaste for the deep hatred that resides in a human heart. I heard a sound of horse shoes drawing closer as I slid on the contacts that I hated so much, because they blinded me a little bit. Which made my regular vision even worse as always used seeing contacts, as Grell and the Madame said looked so much nicer than glasses did on me. I slid the glasses that had been prepared for me so I wouldn't stumble about the house like a fool.


"Grell, you know how the Madame feels when her most important servants are not present is the main hall when the young Lord arrives." I called to him as he finished making the tea for The young master and the Madame.

"Aren't I supposed to be playing the parent role here?" he laughed as he slipped on the brown wig that he most commonly used.

"Not right now, you're supposed to be my brother as of when His lord Ciel arrives." I told him with a giggle.

"You know, you need not refer to Ciel as young lord, and young master all the time, I think it rather insults  him." Grell pointed out

I heard voices in the hallway as I finished the disguise I had been putting on.

"We need to hurry to the recreational room, that's where they always go." Grell said to me slightly panicking as we rushed to the room.

We got there just as the Madame proposed they moved out of the hallway and into the recreational room. I tried to stifle the heaving my chest was making and the noise of my heavy breathing from running from the kitchens to here.

"Good afternoon my lord" Grell and I both said in unison which startled him a bit. Sebastion tried to hide a smirk as Ciel had been startled by something so trivial. He nodded at us to acknoledge our greeting and both Grell and I let out a sigh of relief. I hurried to the pantry to grab suitable dining cloths for both of them

"Why is your maid performing tasks that a personal servant would perform?" Ciel asked the madame curously. I turned red, as even I wondered why at times.

"Because she is my personal maidservant, and I intend to keep her that way untill I die. She is excellent at her sevice, and when I pass on I might just pass her on to you as a final gift." Madame said to him with an air of finality, as if the subject was not to be breached any further. I blushed further at her praise.

"Well, I could tutor her then-" Ciel was cut of by Grell growling. The noise was so his voice that Ciel looked every where but him, more directed at the window really.

"What a feral noise, as I was saying, If she has not been tutored then I may do that, but only if she wants me to." Ciel told the Madame

"I think there will be no need, as I had Grell tutor when she came into my service." the Madame said to Ciel

"Grell? But surely you have been tutored in subjects other than in the english language and equations?" The butler asked me this time. I scowled at the implemt that I was unskilled.

"I have been taught to play the violin, the piano, I can do a series of gymnastics at a time, I have balance and I have been taught manners and to be proper, I can paint,sketch and draw quite well, I do the laundry, the gardening, I cook the food, I wash the dishes, I clean this manor from top to bottom. Are you implying that I am unskilled in my service Sebatian?" I told them sourly. "I may be thirteen but do not imply I am unskilled. Madame Red and Grell have taught me everything I know, and I wish you not to belittle my brother. Sure, at times he can be strange, but just because he acts like an idiot does not mean he is one." I said the last part more softly, put down the thing I was holding and walked out the room, pulling the booby pins out of the blonde wig as I walked down the hallway.

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