Tick Tock.

I was walking down the creaking hallway, trying to see where Niall has gone to. I get to the middle of the hall and see what looks like Niall standing there. "Niall? I-is that you?"
"Of course it's me, who else?" He said with a creepy grin planted on his face.
"No, no you're not!! You're not the man Becca fell in love with!!" I shouted.
"Yes. I. Am." He protested.
"NO YOU'RE NOT!!" I screamed.
I knew he wasn't Niall, he didn't have his beautiful blue eyes. Instead they were blood red. And the rim of his mouth was covered in blood. He looked at me like he was innocent and spoke in a quite voice, "Don't be scared Emily, I'm not going to hurt you."
He started to walk closer and closer to me, now he's only a foot away. I stare into his evil eyes and scream, "DON'T TOUCH ME!!"
He started slowly walking backwards singing, "Tick Tock goes your life, drip drop goes your blood, Tick Tock you're mine."


1. The idiotic fan..

Emily's P.O.V!!

    The spotlight is on them, and the music starts once again. I could feel the nervousness and fear in the boys' facial expressions, they are as nervous as we are. Hoping their performance goes well. The crowd screams and cheers their names, all I could do was smile and think, This is their dream, their hope and it completely came true. All their hard word has paid off.                                                                              The music to "Magic" came on and they started singing once again. So beautifully, so passionately. The song ended by them running off stage screaming "WE LOVE YOU LONDON!! GOODNIGHT!!" 

  They ran back to us, the girlfriends. And gave us all nice, sweaty hugs.

 "Your performance was amazing!" Maddy shouted.

 "Thanks babe." Zayn replied hugging her and kissing her cheek. 

 Harry walks over to me then kisses me. "Wish you could've come on stage."

 "Its alright. It's better if i stayed back here." I said kissing his cheek.

 "Alright guys settle down, now there's a few fans who have backstage passes and they'll be here in 10 minutes so get ready." Paul said to them.

 Harry lets out a long sigh and takes my hand, "Can the girls stay?"

 "Yes the girls can stay. Why ask such a question when the answer is always yes?" Paul replies leaving without an answer from Harry.

 "Yay!!" Harry yells hugging me tightly.

 "Kinda- need- to- BREATHE!!" I said gasping for air.

 "Oh sorry. Hey boys lets get ready before the fans come. " Harry said letting go of me.

 "Okay, only if you don't kill my sister okay?" Louis says pulling Harry's arm.

 "I won't try to." Harry jokes.

 "Hey! Rude!" I protested.

 He just laughs and walk into his dressing room with Louis. All the other boys leave as well leaving me with Maddy, Becca, Megan and the bitch, Lilly. Okay, I know Lilly is dating my brother, Louis. But I can still hate her guts well all of her. She's bullied me all my life and Louis doesn't seem to notice or care. He never believed me whenever I said she physically abused me or even mentally. All I can say is what a bitch.

The boys finally come back after ten minutes and the "few" fans turn out to be 36 fans. Great, Harry walks over to me and takes my hand, "It's alright there's nothing to be scared of."

 I put on a fake smile that I could tell Harry didn't buy. He raised his eyebrow and kisses my lips in front of 36 fans half of them being Harry fans.

 "OMG HARRY!! IS THIS YOUR GIRLFRIEND?!" One yells at the top of her lungs.

 "Yeah." He says smiling and looking at me while I blush.

 "OH YOU COULD DO SOOO MUCH BETTER THAN THIS LITTLE BITCH." The fan yells back and about 20 of them agree. He drops his smile and I lose my blush, we both stare deeply at the fan and then Harry AND Louis snaps. 

 "What?" They both yell.

 "That's my sister you're talking about. So don't even think about doing that." Lou shouts.

 "SECURITY!!" Harry yells.

 A beefy dude walk over to the girl, pick her up and escorts her out of the backstage area. Everyone cheers as she was being escorted out. Paul walks up to us and tells the girls to wait in the limo which took about two hours of waiting.


End of part one!! Next one will be out hopefully soon!! GOODBYE!! And an early happy birthday to Zayn Malik and ME!!


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