Em is abused by her dad and one day she has enough of it. She runs away to her brother Niall. (This is when 1D aren't famous)


1. Away

My name is Emily, but everyone just calls me Em. I live in England with my Phil. Phil is my dad but he dosen't reserve the right to be called dad. The thing about Phil is that he's abusive. He wasn't always abusive, just only recently. When my mum left me. Well I guess Phil left here about 3 years ago and took me with him. He had taken away from my mum and my brothers Niall and Greg. Gred lived in Ireland still but Niall lived in London with his 4 best friends. I didn't really know anything besides that, Iv'e never met his friends before. And I hadn't talked to either Niall or Greg since Phil took me, unless you count the secret texts and letters between me and Niall.

Niall and I look a lot alike, we both have blonde hair and blue eyes. Even though Niall dyes his hair blonde. I remeber when he came home from school one day with his hair bleched. Mum flipped out. He had kept it blone ever since. I smiled at the thought. Another thing you should know is that I love to write. Writing is a way to express. I keep a journal. I write down what Phil does and I'll write down what my life wouldn't been if Phil hadn't taken me.

"Emily! Get down here!" I heard Phil yell from the kitchen. I dropped my pen. I knew by now that when Phil used my full name I was gonna get it. I looked down at my arms and saw the still sore bruises. I sighed. There wasn't really anything I could do. I stayed at my desk until I heard Phil call my name again. I knew that he was mad. I quickly looked around my room and saw my backpack on the ground. I picked it up and walked over to my dresser. I pulled out two days worth of cloths, my phone charger, some head phones, my wallet, and my phone. I threw everything into the bag and opened up the window. I pulled the sceen and set it quietly on the ground and climbed out. It was a good thing that it was only a flat. I landed on the ground and I took off running down the road.

I didn't really know my way around because Phil never let me out of the house. I ran towards where I knew the main road was, and hoped that there would be a bus station. As I came up to the main road, I slowed to a walk. I didn't think that Phil would find me now. I looked around and saw a taxi just idling on the side of the road. I hoped in and the driver looked back at me.

"Where to?" he asked.

"London," I responded.

"Well that's 2 hours away, and a bit vague. Do you have an address?" the driver said.

"Um... no not really. I'll call my brother and see." I said as the driver began to drive. I pulled out my phone and found Niall's number and dialed it. He picked up on the third ring.

"Hello?" I heard his deep Irish accent.

"Niall it's me," I said

"Em! Whats wrong? I thought we agreed not to call each other?" Niall asked.

"I know but I need help. I ran away and I'm on my way to London right now. I didn't know where else to go," I began.

"Emmy it's ok, your more than welcome to stay at my flat," Niall said.

"Thanks Nialler," I sobbed. Niall gave me his address and I gave it to the driver. The driver put the address into his GPS and then turned on the radio. I sat in the back and looked out the window. My heart was pounding. After 3 years I was going to see my brother!

After 2 hours the driver pulled up to a flat. It was all brick with a red door.I paid the driver and grabbed my bag and got out of the car. I slowly walked up to the door and knocked...

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